Backyard Eats: The first food park in Antipolo

Source: Backyard Eats’s FB Page

I pass by M.L. Quezon Avenue every day. Some great eats can be found in this stretch from Not Just Meat to Beeffalo to Macy’s Burger. But something really unique will soon to open on this side of town.

Yup, the Antipoleños will welcome its first food park—Backyard Eats—anytime soon. And by soon I mean this May, hopefully. [Can I be the first to say “I can’t wait”? You need to reward yourself once in a while, right?]

It was supposed to open this March. I saw the tarp saying “Fun starts inMarch” or something like that. I can’t really remember the exact words. Hubby and I are already planning to go the next day after the opening day. I don’t know what happened. Maybe the delay is caused by the need to make the place really attractive for diners and passersby.

At first glance, you can see and feel the rustic vibe of the place. There are wooden tables and chairs and plants all over the place. I can see ferns, bonsais and bougainvilleas, among others. I know food parks have a certain warmth, and this one amazes me because it looks cozy and nice. Quite al fresco pa. [Why quite? Discover it yourself.]

Well, we go to food parks for the experience and I can’t wait to experience our very own.

From the outside, I can see at least two diners namely Pika Chew (for pika-pika foods, I guess) and Potato Hub. I love finger foods and potatoes! [That’s an understatement. Ahem!] I just hope that the place can accommodate the surge of people since it’s kinda small for a food park. It’ll be crowded for sure especially on the opening day. Ooops.

From browsing its Facebook page,  the owner(s) had already started food tasting. I can also tell that Backyard Eats will have a weekend market too.

The pics are really appetizing. Yum!

So ayun, kita-kits sa Backyard Eats!

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12 responses to “Backyard Eats: The first food park in Antipolo”

  1. this is in Antipolo?! that’s where I live haha! I’m definitely going to check this place out soon. 🙂


    1. Yup, it’s in Antipolo; across Shopwise and behind SSS. 🙂
      Nice, I’m from Antipolo too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hello fellow Antipolo citizen! haha. i’ll visit it this weekend after my muay thai class since it’s just beside Shopwise too!


        1. *wave
          It’s not yet open. I’ll update kapag open na.
          Wow muay thai! Astig yun.


          1. yaay thanks! it would be nice to do a photo blog about the place. sana masarap yung food haha.


          2. Yes, looking forward sa photo blog mo.
            Sana nga…
            Promising yung place. Earth Kitchen ang peg. Hehe.


          3. Soft opening na on Monday, May 1. 😀


    1. Mukha ngang masasarap talaga. Pupunta ako dun this weekend then, I’ll update. 🙂


      1. I’ll look forward to that 😊


    1. Yes! Really delicious! You should go there, Sir! 🙂


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