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Two Guys Burger House: The home of colorful burgers and drinks in Antipolo [UPDATED]

From time to time, it’s nice to treat yourselves with something extra special. And by extra special I mean Two Guys Burger House. This hole-in-the-wall burger place in Antipolo is fairly new, having been established in March 2017.

Even so, I already heard a lot about it. In fact, my neighbors who were able to visit the place rattled on Two Guys’ pink burger. I checked out its Facebook page, and it received rave reviews too.

I needed to give it a go to see for myself. Of course, I did not go there by myself. I brought my sister and two daughters, Sasha and Adele.

Two Guys Burger House review

Pink it is

From the menu, it’s called the RedRev Burger (but it’s pink not red or dinadaya lang ako ng paningin ko). 😀

Regular-sized burgers come with complimentary fries. I swear the fries were there when one of the four staffs (I wasn’t able to get his name) put it on our table. With a decent portion, of course. But the kids (or was it me or all of us) devoured them before my sister was able to take a picture. 😕

My sister likes it anyway. According to her, it’s better than the Bez Treat Overload Burger. I don’t know how it is better because the two burgers use the same-tasting patties.

overload burger best seller
Bez Treat Overload Burger, Php229 and Cookies & Cream shake, Php69

Speaking of their patties, it’s a bit on the longganisa-ish side—it’s kinda sweet. If you don’t like how the Filipino sausage tastes, you won’t like Two Guys’ burgers. Then again, I’ve never known someone who doesn’t like longganisa.

And these ones are big longganisa-tasting burgers!

Really huge serving

Although we weren’t able to sample the Nachokai Overload (crispy fries), from what we’ve ordered, it’s safe to say that most of the meals on the menu is meant for sharing. I mean most, not just the ‘overloads.’ Why? It’s because of the sizes! Generous serving talaga!

two guys in antipolo nachoskai
Nachokai Overload, Php139

When the Bez Treat Overload Burger arrived on our table, I was surprised to see how big it is. Me thinking: ‘Hindi ba sila malulugi dito?‘ 😛 It’s good for three to four persons actually. No wonder it’s Two Guys’ best-seller.

I ordered two big burgers, one meant for taking home. However, since we didn’t finish the first one, we also brought it home. So may take home na, may take home pa! 🙂

Considering how huge the patties and all other ingredients peeping out of the buns, the burgers are kinda messy to eat lang. I’m not aware that they provide hand gloves I just saw it on the pics from their FB page. We have two kids in tow pa so M-E-S-S-Y talaga.

Good thing, we went there around 2:30 pm, and there’s no one around. As in, we have the place to ourselves (other than the man who ordered lots of pink burgers for take out). So, if you have really young kids, I suggest you go there in between 2 and 4 pm to avoid the crowd.

Johnrev, through their Facebook page, allowed me to use the photos. Indeed, these are the most colorful burgers you’ll ever see at the prices you’ll love!

Worth the price

With just a quarter, busog na busog ka na for sure. Even the pink burger; my sister wasn’t able to finish it, so she gave me the half. I ate it and 1/8 of the big burger, and I’m so full.

Yet, I still have to finish half of the RedRev Spaghetti we also ordered. Not to mention, while gobbling up Choosy Fries. I wondered why such name. It’s just now (while writing) that I realized it’s an analogy to cheesy. Clever! 😆

For the drinks, we had Nutella Rocker and Cookies and Cream (shakes), one of the best sellers, for the kids. Then, we also ordered BlueBez Lemonade (no pic, apologies).

Two Guys also serves flavored beers (apple, lemon and butter). Yes, butter beer! Ang lakas maka-Harry Potter, right?

Sobrang sulit ang Php69 for the pink burger alone. You won’t feel robbed after eating unlike other burger joints out there that scrimp on everything.

There’s more to colorful burgers and lemonades, however, as well as the pleasantness of the staff especially Sir Randy, the owner. He’s very friendly. He takes pictures of all the diners and posts them on their Facebook page on real-time!

Praise-worthy really because not all burger restos can seamlessly integrate the physical with the digital world. Woah, I’m getting too serious. Wait, going back, this burger shop is all about the experience.

Dainty yet cozy

Mind you, this is not your usual Burger King or Chevy Burger; it isn’t commercialized. I sincerely hope it’ll stay this way for as long as possible (although I’m also praying that they’ll have other locations in Antipolo soon because these burgers deserved to be tasted).

Yes, the place is small with only six wooden tables or so (that are meant for sharing also). It’s kinda hot inside and noisy outside since it’s near the road. But all its shortcomings it compensates with the rustic appeal.

Small pieces here and there, but they all come together. My sister loves this clock so much by the counter. Charming, isn’t it?

wooden clock at the counter
The wooden clock at the station

Two Guys has a memory wall where diners may scribble anything they want on a piece of paper. We weren’t able to write much to the sister’s dismay. She thought I already wrote something, but I’m kinda hesitant to write. Maybe next time.

Yes, there will be a next time for sure. And next time, I wish hubby will be with us. Because as I’ve said, the burger and the place itself is meant for sharing.

I took home some for hubby, and he ate the half really fast! He’s talking while eating: Saan n’yo binili ‘to? Magkano ‘to? Mahal siguro ‘to ang laki eh! 😯 😀

Thank you Two Guys Burger House for the experience!

page breaker resized

How to get there

From Antipolo Cathedral

1) Go to the Antipolo Simbahan – Antipolo Hills terminal located in Masangkay St. (right side of Victory Mall)
2) Ride the jeepney going to Antipolo Hills; fare is only Php8
3) Alight in front of Senora dela Paz Academy, after San Isidro Elementary School

You may also ride the tricycle going to the place for only Php10 per passenger. If you get lost, just call Sir Randy. 😀

About Two Guys Burger House

Owner: Randy Sayson Binondo
Address: C. Lawis Ext. Brgy. San Isidro, Antipolo City, Rizal
Contact #: 0917-3838037
Opening hours: 12:00 nn to 12:00 mn
Facebook page:

OUR RATING: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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Two Guys Burger House will open its second branch along P. Oliveros St. in front of Petron, near Super Metro Supermarket and Puregold. It will be just a few minutes of walk from Antipolo Cathedral.

[This is not a sponsored post, but the author experiences dining at Two Guys Burger House first-hand. She believes the burger shop, with the tagline ‘The Most Creative Burger in Town’ deserves a boost. She hopes this review will help.]


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