During the summertime, it’s always a toss between Tagaytay City and Baguio City. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but for some reasons, Tagaytay City seemed to be the favorite of the Manileños. Tagaytay City is only two hours of drive away from Metro Manila, and the fare is usually less than a hundred pesos (it depends on where you live exactly). These are just two reasons though; the others are listed below.

Things to do in Tagaytay

Fun happening

Did you know that one of the tallest ferris wheels in the Philippines is found in Tagaytay? Indeed, you’ll never run out of fun things to do in the area. In fact, you can hop from Tagaytay Picnic Grove to Sky Ranch Theme Park to People’s Park in the Sky to Paradizoo and so much more. Also, souvenir shops surround the area where you can get local delis and treats to take home to your family and friends. Shopping for pasalubongs (take-home treats) alone is surely an enjoyable activity.

wilson's place bed and breakfast tagaytay
In 2015, me, hubby, Sasha and my parents went to Tagaytay City for a two-day, one-night vacation for less than Php5,000 meals included. It’s a treat from my company. We stayed at Wilson’s Place, a bed and breakfast in Maglabe Drive. The owners are also the creative people behind Balai Indang and Yoki’s Farm. The place is really Instagram-worthy!

Natural high

Aside from Picnic Grove, which has its own eco-trail, there are other nature-oriented places to visit in Tagaytay. You can literally get high with cable rides and zip lines to witness the lush greeneries on hills and mountains other than overlooking Taal Volcano, of course. You may also visit Nurture Spa Village for a more relaxing getaway and Gratchi’s Getaway Farm Resort where you can interact with the animals although it is advisable to stay there longer to make the most of the experience. Also, don’t miss the Filipino-Japanese Friendship Garden, a small, simple garden where you can relax after a tiring day at the park or zoo.

puzzle mansion tagaytay city
Wilson’s Place is at the center of Puzzle Mansion, Paradizoo and Sky Ranch. Our first stop is Puzzle Mansion, a museum that houses a large collection of jigsaw puzzles. It’s the biggest in the world hence the Guinness logo at its facade. And of course, Sasha chose to have her picture beside the Hello Kitty puzzle.

Spiritual journey

Tagaytay City is a home to the 50-foot image of Our Lady of Manaoag at Tierra de Maria. Tierra de Maria is also called HOME or Haven of Meditation and Enrichment. Tourists can also visit convents, seminaries, chapels and churches such as Pink Sister’s Convent, Divine Word Seminary, Canossa House of Spirituality, Daughters of Charity, Dominican House of Prayer, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church, Betania Retreat House, etc. Tagaytay City is actually the go-to place for patrons especially for visita iglesia during the Lenten season.

paradizoo tagaytay city
We went to Paradizoo afterward. I forgot the name of the cow, but it’s a five-legged cow—one of the main attractions at the zoo. We were able to watch the parade of animals, all dressed in quirky yet colorful costumes. I enjoyed the garden too.

Gastronomic experience

Tagaytay is a food haven as well. There’s One Destination, which is a strip of impressive cafés, bars and restaurants such as Yellow Cab, Pancake House, Henlin, etc. Then there are the truly Tagaytay eateries like Alamat, Mushroom Burger, Antonio’s and Loumar’s Café. To combat the chill, you can always go to Mahogany Market to eat their famous bulalo (beef marrow stew). Locally grown fruits and vegetables are also sold here.

True to its promise, Tagaytay City is really a place where you can ‘Dine, Stay, Play and Pray.’ You can do all these while marveling at the exquisiteness of Taal Volcano and enjoying refreshing splashes of air on your skin. There’s nothing completely wrong with Baguio City, but whenever you need to hide off to other places beyond the city limits immediately, Tagaytay City presents itself as the most accessible choice. Why not? Tagaytay has so much to offer and, a day is not enough to explore the place!


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