Inspiration is a fickle thing.

Admittedly, I feel so demotivated at times. Every mom feels that way one time or another, and for so many reasons.

To make you feel marvelous about yourself and life in general, I am sharing with you three of my most favorite videos. These vids never fail to kick some inspiration back into my life whenever I’m running out of it.

Please don’t watch this vid on YouTube or the surprise will be preempted. Just watch it below.

The video made me realize how important my role is. I cried the first time I watched this video, and I still do whenever I look at it.

The challenge of raising kids that are the champions of their own life is hard enough. The video is one good way to teach diligence to our children, that all your hard work will pay off in the end.

Love comes in the most unexpected places, in all forms, shapes and sizes. We need to recognize that fact.

I hope you enjoyed the videos!

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Do you have any inspirational videos to share? Please leave the link in the comment section below. TIA I will watch it/them. Promise!


6 responses to “3 Videos moms can draw inspiration from”

  1. more4lesswithtess Avatar

    Thanks for sharing! Moms could benefit from watching these videos !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jenvtcorre Avatar

      You’re welcome! Right, all moms should watch the videos especially the first one so they’d feel more appreciated…


  2. Adrenaline Romance Avatar

    I think Sheila would love these videos. Gonna share this to her. 🙂


    1. jenvtcorre Avatar

      Yes po. Please do. Thanks!


  3. Amielle De Torres Avatar

    Ang babaw ko sa ganito. Super bilis ko maluha. Huhuhu

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jenvtcorre Avatar

      Nakakaiyak naman po talaga, Miss Amielle.


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