During lull periods, I answer paid online surveys.

When I say lull periods, I mean:

  • while I was waiting in line at the terminal and during the travel especially when it’s traffic,
  • when I arrived earlier to work and leave really late without rendering OT work,
  • after watching K-drama on my laptop and before going to sleep, and
  • before and after doing household chores.

Basically, those times when I really do nothing but mull over things. I am just making good use of my time since a survey takes up to 20 minutes most of the time. It’s possible because you may answer an online survey using mobile devices. The majority of the survey sites are available on Android and iOS.

Compensation varies from platform to platform, usually from 5 to 7,000 points. You cannot expect to earn a full month’s salary for answering online surveys, but what you’ll earn is enough to buy a shirt or cell phone accessory. A plus!

Why answering surveys?

Local companies are tapping the services of research firms to pool average consumers as research panels.

1) It feels good to contribute

Answering an online survey for money is all about voicing out your opinion. The majority of the surveys I answered are about trying new concepts from well-known FMCG brands in the Philippines. It makes me happy just to speak your mind about these new concepts.

2) It is a community

You’d be surprised to learn how many Filipinos are into online surveys. And yes, I mean a lot of us. I initially thought that this money making opportunity is only available to US and UK citizens because when I tried joining some sites ten years ago, most of the sites only accept US consumers. Or, if they do allow non-US citizens, the surveys are very, very limited.

3) It is a good way to kill time

Would you rather play a game on your laptop or phone that cannot earn you anything but swollen eyes and thumb? Hehe. Really, if you want to earn extra income, you should answer surveys. Highly recommended for students and stay-at-home moms and dads.

4) It requires no investment

Before, there are freemium and paid survey platforms wherein you need to pay a minimal amount to receive more survey invites. These platforms are totally unheard of (or is it just me?). And now, all you need is a smartphone since the sites and apps work on both Android and iOS phones.

5) It is a source of extra income

Earning extra money is the main reason why I joined the sites. ‘Nuff said!

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I am a member to three survey platforms namely Toluna, Global Test Market and The Panel Station.


answer online surveys to make money toluna

Toluna is by far the best online survey platform for me. It’s also the most interactive. For example, members may receive points when you create content, typically polls and quizzes. That’s one way of escalating your points, aside from answering surveys themselves. There are also monthly sweepstakes and Gifties or gifts that can become real.

I already received three payments from this one thru PayPal. Yes, you will need a PayPal account.

Other ways to redeem rewards:

Mobile top-up, galleon.ph e-voucher  and Sodexo premium pass

Payment proof

Global Test Market

answer online survey to make money global test market

Global Test Market is one of the oldest operating online surveys, as it claims. [Although, I think it recently opened in the Philippines.] The site is a survey-only site. Even its profile surveys can accumulate you points redeemable once you reach the threshold. One good thing about this site is you can choose to donate your earnings to UNICEF.

I received a payment from this site twice.

Other ways to redeem rewards:

Amazon.com  and Microsoft

Payment proof

The Panel Station

answer online survey to make money the panel station

The Panel Station is a survey site in Filipino. You also earn points by completing profile surveys then, the consumer surveys. Of all the three, this site offers the least number of points per survey. And, the availability of the surveys is sporadic.

I never received a payment from The Panel Station since I have yet to reach the threshold to qualify for a PayPal withdrawal. Almost there; just one more survey. *wink*

Other ways to redeem rewards:

Flipkart.com, Amazon.com, Lazada, Souq.com, Rakuten, Coles, RedCross, etc.

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Caveats here, so please read.

When joining a survey site, you need to provide personal and demographic information through online survey forms. The number and frequency of survey you will receive will depend on how complete your profile was.

  • TIP: Read the privacy policy of the site before joining the survey to ensure that it will not share your information with third-party sources.

When attempting a survey, you will encounter pre-qualifying questions to determine if the survey is for you or not. You will be opted out of the survey at times.

  • TIP: Answer the questions honestly. There is always a survey with the right fit.

When answering a survey, you may experience being halted while mid-survey. It means two things: 1) you are answering the survey too quick and 2) you failed to give a correct answer to test questions found in the survey itself.

  • TIP: Read and understand all the questions thoroughly so you can give the best answer.

When redeeming points, you may have to wait to up to four weeks to have the amount credited to your account. But it’s better than nothing at all, right?

  • TIP: Be patient and spend your earnings wisely.

It goes to show that these platforms have pros and cons. Nonetheless, you can still earn a good amount of money while killing time.

[Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, and I will be compensated when you click or join the site using that link.]


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