married life with god at the center

I saw the lists of Bible verses online. These are great reminders for husbands and wives to live a married life with God at the center.

Let’s think of the verses below as tips on how men can become the best husbands to their wives and how wives can be the best versions of themselves for their husbands.How to have a God-centered relationship

How to have a God-centered relationship

Husbands, love your wives

Married men must conform to certain guidelines. These are the things that husbands must keep in mind.

1 Don’t shout at your wife when you are talking. It really hurts her. (Prov 15v1)

2 Do not speak evil of her to anyone. Your wife will become who you call her. (Gen 2v19)

3 Do not share her love or affection with another woman. It is called adultery. (Matt 5v28)

4 Never compare your wife to another woman. If the other woman was good for you, God would have given her to you. (2 Cor 10v12)

5 Don’t ever allow her to beg you for sex. She owns your body just as you own her body. (1 Cor 7v5)

6 Be gentle and accommodating. She has sacrificed so much to be with you. It hurts her deeply when you are harsh and irritating. Be tender. (Eph 4v2)

7 Hide nothing from her. You are now one, and she’s your helpmeet. Let there be no secret you are keeping from her. (Gen 2v25)

8 Do not make a negative comment about her body. She risked her life and beauty to carry your babies. She is a living soul, not just flesh and blood. (Eph 5v29)

9 Do not let her body determine her worth. Cherish and appreciate her even till old age. (Eph 5v29)

10 Never shout at her in public and in private. If you have an issue to sort with her, do it in the privacy of your room. (Matt 1v19)

11 Thank and appreciate her for taking good care of you, the kids and the house. It is a great sacrifice she is making. (1 The 5v18)

12 All women cannot cook the same way; appreciate your wife’s food. It is not easy to cook three meals a day, 365 days a year for several years. (Pro 31v14)

13 Never place your siblings before her. She is your wife. She is one with you. She must come before your family. (Gen 2v24)

14 Invest seriously in her spiritual growth. Buy books, tapes and any material that will edify her and strengthen her walk with God. That’s the best thing you can do for her. (Eph 5v26)

15 Spend time with her to do Bible study and pray. (James 5v16)

16 Make time to play with her and enjoy her company. Remember when you are dead, she’s gonna be by your grave, but your friends may be too busy to attend your funeral. (Ecc 9v9)

17 Never use money to manipulate or control her. All your money belongs to her. She is a joint heir with you of the grace of God. (1 Pet 3v7)

18 Do not expose her weakness. You will be exposing yourself too. Be a shield around her. (Eph 5v30)

19 Honor her parents and be kind to her siblings. (SoS 8v2)

20 Never cease to tell her how much you love her all the days of her life. Women are never tired of hearing that. (Eph 5v25)

21 Grow to be like Christian. That’s the only way you can be a good and godly husband. (Rom 8v29)

22 Don’t look at other girls the way you would look at your wife. (Mal 2v14-15)

23 Jealousy is unacceptable. Have faith in your wife. (SoS 8v6-7)

24 Make your wife happy. (Deut 24v5)

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Wives, keep your husband

Every wife should read these Bible verses. Let these be our guide on how we should treat our husbands.


1 Never raise your voice for any reason to your husband. It’s a sign of disrespect. (Prov 15v1)

2 Don’t expose your husband’s weaknesses to your family and friends. It will bounce back at you. You are each other’s keeper. (Eph 5v12)

3 Never use attitudes and moods to communicate to your husband, you never know how your husband will interpret them. Defensive women don’t have a happy home. (Prov 15v13)

4 Never compare your husband to other men, you’ve no idea what their life is all about. If you attack his ego, his love for you will diminish. (Eph 5v22-23)

5 Never ill-treat your husband’s friends because you don’t like them. The person who’s supposed to get rid of them is your husband. (Prov 11v22)

6 Never forget that your husband married you, not your maid or anyone else. Do your duties. (Gen 2v24)

7 Never assign anyone to give attention to your husband, people may do everything else but your husband is your own responsibility. (Eph 5v33)

8 Never blame your husband if he comes back home empty handed. Rather encourage him. (Deut 3v28)

9 Never be a wasteful wife, your husband’s sweat is too precious to be wasted. (1 Tim 6v6-10)

10 Never pretend to be sick for the purpose of denying your husband sex. You must give it to him how he wants it. Sex is very important to men if you keep denying him, it is a matter of time before another woman takes over that duty. No man can withstand sex starvation for too long. (SoS 7v12)

11 Never compare your husband to your one-time sex mate in the bedroom or an ex-lover. Your home may never recover from it if you do. (SoS 5v9)

12 Never answer for your husband in public opinion polls, let him handle what is directed to him although he may answer for you in public opinion polls. (Prov 31v23)

13 Never shout or challenge your husband in front of children. Wise women don’t do that. (Eph 4v31)

14 Don’t forget to check the smartness of your husband before he checks out. (Prov 12v4)

15 Never allow your friends to be too close to your husband. (Mark 10v9)

16 Never be in a hurry in the bathroom and on the dressing table. Out there your husband is always surrounded by women who took their time on their looks. (1 Sam 25v3)

17 Your parents or family or friends do not have the final say in your marriage. Don’t waste your time looking up to them for a final word. You must leave if you want to cleave. (Luke 21v16)

18 Never base your love on monetary things. Will you still submit to him even if you earn more money than him? (Eph 5v22-23)

19 Don’t forget that husbands want attention and good listeners, never be too busy for him. Good communication is the bedrock of every happy home. (Gal 6v9)

20 If your idea worked better than his, never compare yourself to him. It’s always teamwork. (Gal 6v10)

21 Don’t be too judgemental to your husband. No man wants a nagging wife. (Eph 4v29)

22 A lazy wife is a careless wife. She doesn’t even know that her body needs a bath. (Prov 24v27) (Prov 20v13)

23 Does your husband like a kind of cooked food? Try to change your cooking. No man jokes with food. (Prov 31v14)

24 Never be too demanding to your husband. Enjoy every moment; resource as it comes. (Luke 11v3)

25 Make a glass of water the very first welcome to your husband and everyone entering your home. Sweetness of attitude is true beauty. (Prov 31v11)

26 Don’t associate with women who have a wrong mental attitude about marriage. (Prov 22v14)

27 Your marriage is as valuable to you as the value that you give it. Recklessness is unacceptable. (Heb 13v4)

28 Fruit of the womb is a blessing from the Lord, love your children and teach them well. (Prov 22v6)

29 You are never too old to influence your home. Never reduce your care for your family for any reason. (Prov 31v28)

30 A prayerful wife is a better-equipped wife. Pray always for your husband and family. (1 Thess 5v17)

31 Go where your husband takes you. (Jer 31v24)

32 Don’t deny your husband of his desire to have kids. (Gen 1v27-28)

33 Be faithful to your husband. A cheating wife is a disgrace. (Prov 3v4)

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A husband and wife prayer

I saw this prayer online as well. It’s a daily prayer for married couples. It’s best to hold each other’s hands as you recite the prayer together.

god-centered relationship

O God, we want to live our life together with you and always to continue it with you.

Help us never to hurt and never to grieve each other. Help us to share all our works, all our hopes, all our dreams, all our successes, all our failures, all our joys and all our sorrows. Help us to have no secrets from each other so that we may be truly one.

Keep us always true to each other, and grant that all the years ahead may draw us ever closer to each other. Grant that nothing may ever come between us and nothing may ever make us ever drift apart.

And as we live with each other, help us to live with you, so that our love may grow perfect in your love, for you are the God whose name is love. This we ask for your love’s sake.



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