Organic is one word that is thrown around too much lately, and I can understand why.

Moms are after products with ingredients that are mild, safe and gentle for our kids’ delicate skin.

Did you know that the baby’s skin is paper-thin, making it sensitive to just about everything it comes in contact with?

Yes, that includes the clothes they are wearing.

While the skin may get thicker in no time, it is best to use laundry detergent that is gentle enough so the clothes they wear won’t irritate their sensitive skin. Here’s a brand new brand in the market that promises just that—Tiny Buds.

I was able to get my Tiny Buds Laundry Powder and Fabric Softener samples about four weeks ago from #SampleRoomPH.

[I can’t really remember the date. I supposed to receive the package two days after placing the order, but there was a delay in shipment. I received a text message that the delivery personnel cannot locate my office address. That’s pretty unusual since I use my office address in Marikina and other delivery men did not find any difficulty locating the only pink building in the area. Oh well.]

I’m glad that I tested the products. I used them after a week of receiving the goodies. The laundry powder and fabric conditioner combo is enough to wash up to three loads.

Here’s the lowdown of our Tiny Buds use.

Insanely creative packaging

tiny buds laundry powder and fabric conditioner review

Pardon my use of the word ‘insanely,’ but I can’t find any words to describe how good-looking the packaging is. Totally eye-candy! I love the overall concept; it did not deviate from Tiny Bud’s organic mantra since all are natural-looking.

The sheep looks so cuddly in the same way I want to cuddle my kids’ clothes after washing them with these two products. The clothes are so soft; I even thought at first that the fabcon is unnecessary (but I used it anyway). 😆

For brevity, I will use the word fabcon, a portmanteau of fabric and conditioner, from this point forward. I like the way I say it and the way it sounds. Haha. #meh

Very mild scent

tiny buds laundry powder for babies

The coarse-textured laundry powder has a very, very mild scent. One thing I noticed while washing is the subtle scent won’t last that long. After just one rinse, the scent is g-o-n-e. That’s why you need to use the fabric conditioner: to prolong the scent.

Speaking of which, the smell of the fabcon is stronger but not overpowering, unlike the commercially available ones. It smells like baby powder. And, I like the smell of the fabcon better than that of the laundry powder too.

I thought that the scent would disappear in no time, like other fabcons I’ve tried before. But, get this, the clothes smell the same after folding and putting them in the closet for a week. That’s the fabcon working overtime, which is good.

When it comes to its texture, it’s more on the gelatinous side. It’s very thick! I needed to mix the fabcon with the water thoroughly so it’d incorporate well before submerging my daughters’ clothes.

Cleans like others

tiny buds fabric conditioner for babies

There is nothing special with how Tiny Buds clean the clothes. One thing I observed, though, since the products are organic, is the clothes are not that ‘soapy’ while washing them. One to two rounds of rinsing is enough. It’s one way to conserve water, right?

I’ve tried other natural products before, and true to all natural laundry products, they are not that bubbly. Tiny Buds’ laundry powder is like that too.

Did you know that the bubblier the detergent, the more chemicals the detergent contains?

Have you tried scooping the foam buildup before? Place it on any surface. As it dries out, you will notice white residues. Yup, these are the chemical residues combined with dirt and debris on your clothes.

The amount of white residues for Tiny Buds detergent is very minimal. I am expecting this though since it contains natural ingredients. I scooped the foam for experimentation purposes only. 😉

My verdict

Will I use Tiny Buds again? Yes, but I am more lenient with buying the fabcon; the laundry detergent, not so.

RATING: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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Where to buy Tiny Buds laundry powder and fabric softener for babies


Facebook page:

Lazada official store:

Shoppee official shop:

[This is a sponsored post. I obtain the samples free of charge.]



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