Kinain na tayong mga Pilipino ng sistemang Korea…!

[The Korean system has consumed us!…]

We often hear that phrase, and I couldn’’t agree more. Even I have been bitten by the Korean bug, binging over K-dramas whenever I had spare time. My elder daughter Sasha would even tell me “’Ma, good night. Saranghe!’” as if she really knows how to speak the language.

Saranghe means I love you.

Come to think of it, how hard it is to learn a new language and why would you want to learn a new language? ConVersa has the answers.

I pass by it (I didn’t know that is was a learning center at first) everyday going to work. Of all the establishments on that building, this one stands out because of its vibrant façade. I got so curious what it is actually.

I visited and explored their Facebook page before reaching out to them. One thing that caught my attention was the colorful graphics. Find fun in learning a new language with these.

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What caught my attention upon reading its About section is the promise of quality training. You don’t promise quality unless you are 100% sure you can deliver and perform. It can backfire because of the perceived notion that you can provide a quality learning experience.

I need to see that for myself.

What ConVersa is

conversa logoRegistered at Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on October 2016, ConVersa Language Training & Services Center Inc. (or simply ConVersa) is the first and only language training center in Antipolo. Sir Franco Henry Domingo, along with his wife Miss Rocelle, operates the school. Sir Franco Henry and Miss Rocelle are the President and Secretary/Treasurer at ConVersa, respectively.

Sir Franco Henry and Sir Jordan Delas Verges (CEO) both belong to OFW families, and they understand the challenges that aspiring OFWs go through when going abroad. I can only imagine especially when you plan to work in a non-English speaking country. This is where the role of ConVersa comes into play.

ConVersa aims to provide “excellent quality foreign language training by setting an excellent standard in curriculum development, teaching methodology and cross-cultural understanding.” It envisions itself to be an exemplary leader in language training and manpower development in the country.

What are its services

ConVersa offers language courses such as:

  • English proficiency
  • Korean language
  • Japanese language
  • Mandarin language
  • Arabic language

Sir Franco Henry mentioned that ConVersa will start offering Spanish course soon.

Other services include:

  • Passport assistance
  • Document authentication
  • Visa assistance (Japanese and Canadian)
  • Document translation
  • NBI assistance
  • PSA certificate assistance

classes at conversa language school in antipolo

ConVersa is TESDA accredited; it is not a recruitment agency although it has a partnership with three recruitment agencies in Manila. Through its partner manpower agencies, ConVersa helps in looking for skilled workers for Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

ConVersa will open its second branch soon somewhere in Manila, probably around Makati area so that it can bring its services to more people.

Why a language school in Antipolo

The Domingos are from Manila, but I got so curious I had to ask them why they chose Antipolo. Sir Franco Henry mentioned that there are no training centers of this kind in the place. He is right. If there is any, the school usually offers either Japanese or Korean language, and the teaching is not geared toward learning the language for employment purposes unlike what they do at ConVersa.

They are now concentrating on the Asian region because of the high demand.Japan and Korea are requiring workers to learn to speak, write and read their language. Hence the need to learn the languages.

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Inside ConVersa

The language center is not too big or too small; just enough for a small classroom setting. ConVersa accommodates up to 12 students per session, with a dedicated instructor for the particular lesson. There are two classrooms inside, the Green Room and Blue Room. I can’t help but mention how I love the palette inside ConVersa’s office—so soothing! Check the pics below.

I went there three Sundays ago (October 29). I got to talk to the owners as well as the ever-so-friendly staff. Yup, they are offering the orientation seminar and trial class on Sundays. It goes to say that language learning is not free; it requires preparedness, willingness and commitment (financial and non-financial).

With the two pre-training seminars you will understand the necessity of learning the Korean language (Hangeul) and whether it’’s worth the investment or not. They also offer these seminars during weekday evenings and online.

I attended the pre-seminar orientation facilitated by Miss Jelly Alvaran inside the Green Room. I never expected to learn as much information about Korea and working in the country in just one hour, which warrants another blog post. So stay tuned for that. 😉

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Their ber months promo is ongoing. They also have a referral system to make the Korean and Japanese courses more bearable for the students who want to learn a new language in groups. Head over to ConVersa’’s Facebook page to learn more about the promo.

conversa ber months promo

You can self-learn through listening to K-pop or watching K-dramas (like Sasha). True. But if you are planning to travel or work in Korea, you need the help of the expert. Don’t deny yourself of the privilege to learn something new from the pros.

Me, being an Antipoleña, I am thankful to them because they chose to operate ConVersa in the city. Here is an opportunity that Antipoleños must seize. If being consumed by the Korean system means opening up more [employment] opportunities with better and higher pay than what local companies can offer, then so be it!

[Images are from ConVersa’s FB page; used with their permission.]



2 responses to “ConVersa: The first and only language school in Antipolo”

  1. Chona malavega Avatar
    Chona malavega

    When is the next start of the enrollment for the Japanese language? I am interested and I live here in Antipolo

    Chona Malavega


  2. chonamalavega Avatar

    May I know how much is the fee to enroll for Japanese language.


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