Invest in experience, so they say, so here it is. 😀

Two weeks from now, my mother, sister, my daughters #sashadele (Sasha and Adele) and I will be attending a funfair in Antipolo City. It’ll be their first time to participate in a funfair and a first for me as well since I had them. I don’t know what to expect TBH so I searched for things to do at a fair as well as the do’s and don’ts. I know, I know it’ll be a riot! So it will be a survival game for me and all you mommies out there if ever you decide to visit one too. 😆

My primer below details everything you need to do to survive any fair.


noun a fair consisting of rides, sideshows, and other amusements

Ways to survive a funfair

Ask questions

Before you register, ask the right questions. For example, ask if children 2 ft. and below are free of charge or not or if the fee is inclusive of the food at the event. Ask if there are any restrictions when it comes to clothes, food and parking. Some fair organizers don’t allow sandos and slippers. Yes, it pays to know the rules.

Complete the registration

If online registration is available, register through it. This will save you time queuing come the actual day of the fair as a walk-in. There is usually a dedicated line for those who preregister. Settle the registration fee.

Get there early

If you are going to line up, allot at least 30 minutes before the fair starts. This is not a hard rule, but you may run the risk of missing the first part if you arrive at the venue too late. Even if the fair is free, try to be there ahead of time. There are many advantages to coming earlier such as finding yourselves a good place to have a nice, unobstructed view minus the rush due to the surge of other attendees as well as having prime parking spots, closer to where the festivities are. You’ll need the latter when carrying too-tired-for-walking kids back to the car.

Plan the travel

If you live far from the fair, make sure that you arrange for your transportation ahead of time. Good for you if you have your own car. If not, hire a car or van in advance. Check if it would be wise to commute instead of paying a rental fee.

Know how to get there

Check the event guide to know how to get to the location. The fair organizers provide printable maps. So print that out and take it with you. If you are going to use Google Maps, search the place in advance and save it on your phone. Yup, that’s possible. Keep the contact details of the event organizers too. If ever you get lost, you can contact them immediately to ask for assistance. This one’s handy if the exact location is a bit hard to find.

Bring the essentials

When you are with kids, there are many things you must bring such as water. To keep the kids safe, always bring your own water. Use reusable bottles. Freeze them the night before so you and your kids will have something refreshing to drink while hopping from ride to ride. Other must-brings are:

  • healthy snacks
  • extra towels
  • wet wipes
  • rain ponchos
  • emergency kit (aspirin, band-aids, ointment, etc.)

And keep everything inside the diaper bag.

Know the dress code

Dress comfortably and appropriately. Make sure that you and the kids are wearing something comfortable from head to toe. Cotton shirts and pants or shorts are the best. Wear a pair of sneakers or sandals too. Bring extra clothes with you. If the event will be for the whole day or will be finished at night, bring jackets as well so the kids won’t get wet due to occasional drizzles and cold while traveling back home.

Create a game plan

Refer to the event guide if there are any so you’d know what funfair attractions and games your kids can try. Plan your attendance with them if possible. This will keep them engaged the entire time—no meltdowns, no tantrums and no injuries. Well, hopefully. 😉

Bring cash

Set a budget for the day and stick with it. A trip to the funfair can quickly add up—from the entrance fees to ride tickets. You don’t want to overspend. But you always need to bring cash with you. There’d be lots of [tasty] temptations so better set aside an amount for that.

Keep safety in mind

Fairgrounds can get crowded. There are also plenty of distractions. So, don’t lose track of the kids. If one of them get separated into the crowd, make sure that he or she knows where to go or who to ask. So prep your kids the night before to ask the security guard for help if ever they get lost. Write down your contact details on a piece of paper and put it safely in their pockets. If you have two-year-olds and below, you might as well hold their hands while walking. Make sure that you keep an eye on them—always! I need to keep that last one in mind because I once lost Adele. #sorryna

Know when to call it a day

Kids, in general, start out strong until exhaustion wears them out. And just a few hours of rides can take their toll, especially for the younger kids. So, you should know when the kids had enough.

Other things to remember

  1. Make a beeline towards funfair games and attractions that appeal mostly to your kids.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. Several lurkers also double as pickpockets and whatnots.
  3. Take rest stops so the kids won’t get burnt out or bored quickly. Sit down for a while.
  4. Dress your kids in colored or printed clothes that you can easily identify from afar.

Finally, enjoy! It’s a funfair! Let your kids enjoy! Unleash the kid at heart in you too.


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