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Mouth detoxification: Remedies for stubborn oral health problems

Our mouth can be the breeding ground for bacteria. A fact. Controlling the amount of bacteria and toxin level in the mouth is a must. Otherwise, the excessiveness of such will ultimately result in oral health problems.

You don’t want that to happen, and neither do we. So here are some natural remedies to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Natural remedies for mouth detoxification

1) Oil pulling

Gargling with coconut oil removes the toxins from your oral cavity while keeping the breath fresh and the teeth white. A study claims that oil pulling reduces gingivitis and the presence of organisms that cause cavities.

2) Activated charcoal

Swishing activated charcoal (aka activated carbon) also absorbs toxins in the mouth. It also causes the stains on your teeth to go away, and no, the ingredient won’t stain them.

3) Non-toxic toothpaste

Using natural toothpaste (even homemade) acts as antibacterial. Mostly right if you are using natural antibacterial agents like licorice, eucalyptus and peppermint.

The Lovegood Shoppe sells natural mouthwash. Available in 170 ml (Php170) and 400 ml (Php350)

4) Oral probiotic

Taking oral probiotic reduces the risk of having cavities. It’s also a good way to guard against the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the mouth, reducing infections in the process.

5) Green tea

Drink green tea promotes healthier teeth and gums. Its active ingredients like catechin (also an antioxidant) reduces periodontal diseases too.

6) Tea tree oil floss

Flossing is critical to oral health care, and with the added component, tea tree oil, a natural disinfectant, expect to see healthier gums. Tea tree oil reduces gum bleeding and ultimately, gingivitis.

7) Turmeric toothpaste

Brushing with turmeric toothpaste controls plaque and prevents gingivitis. The use of turmeric powder is okay, but for more effective results, opt for fresh turmeric extract.

8) Guava mouth rinse

Gargling with guava leaves mouthwash reduces the risk of periodontal diseases. Chew fresh, tender and well-washed guava leaves or boil and store the leaves for homemade mouth rinse.

9) Licorice mouthwash

Mentioned above, rinsing your mouth with licorice extract and water kills bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum diseases. Licorice powder and stick can also be used.

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums naturally should not be that hard. Armed to the teeth and choose from any of these remedies. 


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