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How to choose a wedding theme

Weddings are momentous. In the Philippines, June is not the only wedding season. January, February, and December are also considered as wedding seasons in the country.

If there is one thing that your guests will remember for years, that would be your wedding theme. A theme serves as a backdrop for any wedding. Thus, choosing a theme that is truly you is critical! To help you with wedding planning, here are some tips for choosing a wedding theme and make your wedding a day to remember.

Tips in choosing a wedding theme

Classic or modern

When choosing a theme, you must start with the broadest down to the most specific. And with broad, it is always a toss between a classic and a modern wedding.

Many a themes is possible in any of these major themes. Nonetheless, you need to tour the venue to determine its suitability to your chosen theme, whether its overall ambiance is traditional or contemporary.

Beach, tropical, summer

Depending on your chosen date and, importantly, your chosen season, your choices of wedding themes may be limited. It’ll be one hell of a bank breaker if you choose a tropical paradise theme in mid-April or August. 

Your choice of a theme, therefore, must coincide with the season your chosen wedding date falls and work the other details of the big event accordingly. Think of how nature would look (i.e., field and foliage) when generating a vision for your wedding.

Shabby chic or rustic

A vision of your wedding theme starts to materialize once you saw your venue. Ultimately, the chosen wedding venue must help in reinforcing the mood. Given its setting, some of the wedding themes on your mind will be automatically nixed. For one, a rustic barn doesn’t always work with a black and white tie wedding. 

There may be instances that your chosen venue may dictate the theme. No matter what, just don’t choose a theme because of the availability of the venue on the agreed date. Also, the venue is not just a place, but your wedding’s setting.

Bluish or deep purple

Nowadays, any couple can make any color work with anything. Remember, however, that wedding themes are about creating a cohesive concept that ties all the elements together to reinforce a particular (of course, joyous) mood. Proceed with choosing a theme based on evident associations. For example, brown is commonly associated with country and rustic chic weddings. 

Like so, if you want to work with a particular color combination, consider only those themes that are associated with your chosen palette. Also, your choices are monochromatic, analogous, or complementary. 

Monochromatic has only one hue but with different shades, tints or tones. Analogous colors are colors adjacent to one another in the color wheel, while complementary colors are opposite one another. Look for mood boards if you are still not sure of your wedding hues.

Here’s a piece of advice, though. Don’t you ever think that a wedding palette is enough to pull together the wedding theme that you desire. Colors can also do so much, but if these are paired to motifs, fonts, and textures, they can often exude something specific to the eyes and minds of your guests. 

Look for inspiration

Consider Pinterest as your best friend. Just looking at wedding boards will somehow illuminate the right theme for your wedding. Grab those pins that speak to you so you may define the theme details. You may also opt to search for specific themes on Google, and it will return hundreds to thousands of images for such a theme. 

When your board is full, you should be able to describe the theme in your mind. The perfect examples that you might’ve already heard are shabby chic, distressed vintage, and rustic elegance.

Be uniquely you

Trust your family and friends; they can surely give suggestions for a wedding theme. They know both of you and what your relationship special. Make your wedding an extension of your personality, but ensure that both of you gravitate towards the most meaningful theme that you may come up with. 

You may choose to convey your story as a couple on each element of your wedding. If you aren’t sure about the suggestions, you may sit down and write down the would-be details for each suggestion. 

Put simply, following what your heart wants for a theme will never go wrong. Some popular choices for a wedding theme are tropical, vintage, country, western, oriental, and retro.

Make it meaningful

Speaking of choosing a meaningful wedding theme, you need to look at yourselves as individuals then as a couple. Would you want to incorporate his Cebuano or Chinese culture? Do you want to use a family heirloom? Are there any family traditions you want to include? 

Your answers to these questions can be pulled into a single theme if both of you want. Additionally, heritage almost always makes a perfect theme.

Think of the budget

Some themes are more expensive than others. Usually, formal wedding themes may require a bigger budget compared to vintage weddings. Then again, the elements of a wedding will make even the informal weddings as expensive as the formal ones. 

Consider those resources that are already available to you if the wedding budget will get in the way of your choice of a wedding theme. Focus on at least 2 to 3 wedding theme ideas. Go through each of the ideas. In this way, you may narrow down your budget so it’d be devoted to a theme that the two of you agreed.

Interestingly, the overall cost of a wedding will be divided into all the design elements required to pull off your preferred theme. 

Don’t go overboard with the wedding theme. Nevertheless, you can incorporate it into specific aspects, including the invitation, program, flower, centerpiece, cake, décor, tablecloth, favor, place card, menu, and table number. 

In sum, when choosing the perfect wedding theme, it would be advisable to start at the end. How do you envision your wedding day? What do you want to see on that special day? Would you want your guests to party all night long? Keep this vision in mind, and other wedding elements will eventually come, such as the mood and style of the wedding. 

Bottom-line, the wedding should be so you. This is your wedding–own it!


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