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Lolita fashion
a subculture in Japanese street fashion, highly influenced by the Victorian clothing styles, particularly from the Rococo period

Our recent encounter with the Victorian-esque era is Bridgerton—the most-watched original Netflix series. The series is based on ‘ton’ novels written by Julia Quinn. The Regency romance (more about the period below) happened when debutantes are presented to society through a ball.

The series premiered on December 25, 2020, and became an instant hit in 83 countries, including the UK. Yep, reports claim that even the British royals are ‘obsessed’ with Bridgerton.

Who is Daphne Bridgerton?

Daphne Bridgerton comes from an aristocratic family. She is the fourth child and the eldest among four daughters. Daphne also has four brothers.

She is set to marry after being presented and favored by Queen Charlotte—Daphne was dubbed the “diamond of the season.” She accepted suitors until she met Simon Bassett, the Duke of Hastings. Simon also happened to be the best friend of his eldest brother, Anthony.

If there’s one thing that stands out about her character aside from her flawlessness and ever-inquisitive mind, it’s her elaborate style.

Daphne wore empire waist, cap-sleeve, three-quarter length sleeves, embroidered, coat over layer, bodice, white gloves, puffed short sleeves, silhouette, embellished, beaded, rounded square neckline, sheer sleeves, wrist-length gloves, sheer sleeves, and many more throughout the eight-episode first season.

And she has a total of 104 costume changes!

Ellen Mirojnick, the costume designer, made sure that Daphne will stand out.

Georgian, Regency, and Victorian fashion

For accuracy, Bridgerton is a period drama set during the Regency period or from 1811 to 1820. The Regency period is sandwiched between the Georgian and Victorian eras.

People search for Georgian era clothing, Regency dress, or Victorian era clothing to know how women dressed during those periods. Skeptics would say that to claim that Bridgerton dresses are Victorian is inaccurate. But hey, even Mirojnick claimed to put a modern twist on Regency attire.

There’s a hint of truth in there. And so is the claim that the Regency period combines the late Georgian era fashion and the early Victorian era fashion.

Georgian ladies wore stiff corsets with an “eschelle (or échelle) stomacher,” a triangular adornment at the front of the corset, and a gown underneath. A printed neckerchief and rattan or cane petticoat or underskirt completed the look. They also wore knitted stockings and mittens. Women also wore a crown hat as part of a formal dress.

Georgian era dresses are usually made from Welsh wool. White lawn, batiste, and muslin fabrics were also used.

Regency women wore floor-length dresses with a high-waisted bodice, square and low neckline, and small puffed sleeves for the evening gowns. This is called the empire silhouette. White gloves or a hat or bonnet were also worn.

Day gowns, on the other hand, were characterized by a higher neckline and long sleeves. Women also wore chemisette.

chemisette /n/
an undergarment like a camisole worn for filling an open-necked dress or blouse

Regency gowns and dresses typically used lightweight fabric.

Victorian fashion is characterized by corsets, bustles, petticoats, top hats, and bonnets. Victorian gowns have boned bodice, slanted waistlines, and full skirts. The bodice and skirt appear as one piece, but they are actually separated The petticoats are made from muslin fabric because they can support the skirts.

The sleeves are another feature of Victorian gowns and dresses, which were three-quarter length. Bell-shaped ruffles emerged in the latter part of the period.

Victorian goth dress ideas to try

Hands down, the Victorian period dominates when it comes to clothes and styles, more so from the modern women’s perspective. Shall we focus on Victorian fashion but with a twist? Goth, that is.

Just when you thought you’d never hear or read the words ‘Victorian’ and ‘goth,’ came Victorian goth. Yes, it’s a thing! In fact, it’s an alternative subculture. The Victorian Gothic era that happened from 1832 to 1901.

Victorian goth fashion is easy to understand, putting a dark twist on Victorian clothing styles. So there! If you’re feeling Daphne’s vibe but want to make it goth, here are your choices of a dress and accessory.

Gothic sweetheart neck jacquard corset (£80.00)
Gothic women palace floor-length split skirt (£83.00)
Women gothic Lolita long sleeve medium long velvet coat (£99.00)
Victorian stretch dark embossing solid color velvet gothic dress (£115.00)
Victorian gothic off the shoulder long sleeve lace-up dresses (£130.00)
Victorian steampunk long linen lace up corset suspender dress (£136.00)
Gorgeous Victorian royal vintage layered gothic coat with stand collar (£157.00)

And for the accessories…

Complete your Victorian goth look with any of these accessories.

Goth dark night vine gloves neck cover three-piece set (£27.00)
Goth lace sun protection shirt (£33.00)
Victoria ruffle lace decoration collar (£39.00)

Victorian dresses are very elegant and fancy. Unleash the goth goddess in you while channeling Daphne Bridgerton! Or, is it the Queen? Whoever it is, these Victorian dresses are here for the taking.

Grab yours now!


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