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[BOOK REVIEW]: Ask and It’s Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks

Ask and It’s Given is authored by Jerry and Esther Hicks, books writers who want to help people create the life they truly desire. When the authors pertain to ‘desire,’ nonetheless, it refers to the natural positive force within all of us. As such, every individual has their desires though it varies in level and intensity that leads that individual towards frustration and disappointment when not achieved. Indeed, the book’s message is that it would be challenging for any desire to materialize unless the individual will learn to ask and receive whatever a person wants to be, to do, and to have. 

Ask and It’s Given is a compilation of messages that were channeled from Abraham. Expectedly, no new information can be found in the book. Please do not underestimate the book because it contains all the important messages that will inspire its reader. In a very warm, conversational tone, the book speaks of how any individual may attract the life s/he so wanted. The book is very intriguing in such a way that the discussions are in-depth about changing one’s life for the better. The book gave new meaning to what positive thinking is.   

As Ask and It’s Given is channeled, you cannot, and must not, complete the book in one sitting. Instead, please read it in passages, reflecting after reading a passage. Though implicitly, it advises the readers to take some time to meditate and think about their own life’s current status. With a clear mind, you have to work with your emotions and energy towards creating the positivity that seems to lurk deep into your memory. You have to draw ‘supernatural inspiration’ and apply this in your own context. The book contains profound truths that are manifested in desires. Just when you thought that you are done here, you will suddenly feel that there is nothing you cannot do after reading the book.

Equipped with simple and practical exercises, Ask and It’s Given is not your typical how-to book. The truth is there are how-to books that are lip-service. This book is a culmination of all how-to books that focus on life and living positively without meaning to do so. As the book gives highly utilizable exercises, no book is informative and inspiring than Ask and It’s Given. If there is one manifestation book worth buying that is Ask and It’s Given, you will never regret that decision. Ever!


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