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[BOOK REVIEW]: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

While Rich Dad, Poor Dad does not have many ‘actionable suggestions’ that you can work on, the book is compelling in challenging anyone to think and rethink how they currently approach matters involving money and work. The book, which Robert T. Kiyosaki wrote, offers insights into quantifying your earnings responsibly. You need not be a genius to know the difference between how a rich family differs from a poor family. This is just about mind setting wherein the low-income family has to be wiser with the family’s financial decisions. However, the low-income family has to learn about this the hard way. The book cannot emphasize more the fact that the rich family already knew what they would do with their money, but the poor family will struggle at managing their finances.

You will either love or hate Rich Dad, Poor Dad though you must admit that there are specific issues raised in the book that you can somehow relate to. You must have faced a situation where you have to decide financially, and somehow you made an economically unsound decision. This book can definitely serve as a wake-up call, inspiring you to make an otherwise different decision when faced with the same situation again. There are specific methods that the book covered, but the superficial allusions between how a rich dad perceives money matters with that of a poor dad are more striking.

Forget about the tax-avoidance strategies, Rich Dad, Poor Dad has an underlying message of how powerful one’s knowledge about money and finances can work its way towards more effective management of your resources. You can be rich, but you have to exert extra effort in sustaining your wealth, that is, without forgetting about your ethics along the way. Sure, you have to make sound financial decisions, but you have to make that kind of decision. While there are people who just have to build and invest in a business (the rich), there are people who need to struggle to make ends meet (the poor), but while at it, they have to uplift their situation into a more desirable and sustainable living status. As Rich Dad, Poor Dad emphasizes, the only way to do this is to educate yourself first in responsibly managing your finances and second in effectively making sound financial decisions.      


6 thoughts on “[BOOK REVIEW]: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

  1. Right..The book gives a good concept ….but practicing everything may not be possible..the difference between saving and investment has to be understand ….the money to be used to generate more money…the risks..
    Stay blessed 🙏🙏🙏


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