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4 Healthy foods to eat to live longer

Eat healthy foods whenever you can, especially those that can further your life expectancy. Here are some of the foods that you should be munching on instead.

Best foods for a long, healthy life

1) Spicy veggies

Bell peppers and their varieties, such as cayenne, tabasco, jalapeño, etc., have high capsaicin content. Capsaicin has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation, and anti-cancer properties. Hence, incorporating this in your meal at least once a week cuts the risk of dying by 10%.

2) Egg and other high-protein foods

Gruyere cheese, Greek yogurt, milk, fish, seafood, soya, and pistachio nuts are good protein sources. While these foods can increase one’s longevity, they can shorten lifespan when consumed too little or too much. The recommended daily intake is 0.8 to 1 gram of protein for every 1 kilogram of your body weight.

3) Dark, green leafy vegetables

Vegetables can lengthen your life. No surprise there. What’s surprising is the fact that eating kale, spinach, mustard, arugula, and lettuces (romaine, boston, and iceberg) decreases the risk of death by 15% while also protecting your brain from aging.

4) Berries

Berries – strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry – are both tasty and healthy. People who eat fruits several times a week are at a lower risk of dying. The main reason is the polyphenols in berries, a micronutrient that prevents the onset of various degenerative diseases.

Bottom-line, include vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods on your meal plans so you can enjoy a healthier and longer life.

4 thoughts on “4 Healthy foods to eat to live longer

  1. Yes….one got to be careful in selecting what to eat… a healthy diet with a good lifestyle are what matters most in living a healthy life.
    Stay blessed always.


    1. Agree with you, Jas Krish!
      We had a whole year of introspection, and the pandemic has become everyone’s wake-up call for healthy living. Something changed within us, inspiring us to eat healthier than ever.


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