The next best thing after submitting your resume is landing a job interview. This is perhaps one of the daunting parts of the job-hunting process, more so if you are clueless about what decent job interview attire consists of.

Remember that an interview is also an avenue of making a first impression for your future employer. As such, choosing what clothes to wear during an interview must be carefully considered.

Dressing for a job interview

Men versus women interview attires

Specifically, men are increasingly becoming more interested in fashion and grooming to the same degree as women. For both, though, how to dress for a job interview mainly constitutes showing respect for the interviewer and showing the person that you can easily fit into the company’s culture.

There will be a difference in women’s and men’s job interview attire depending on the position you are applying for. However, there are proper ways to dress for professional and less formal interview attire.

Professional versus less formal interviews

During a professional interview, men should wear suits in solid colors like grey or navy blue. He must also wear long sleeves, preferably white. He must also wear a tie, belt, and dark socks. Polished, conservative black shoes should be considered. The hair must be neat and professionally styled. He must have neatly trimmed nails. Bring a suitcase for a more professional look.

Women must also wear suits in solid colors, including black, grey, or navy blue. The suit skirt must be long enough for the interviewee to sit comfortably in front of the interviewer. A color-coordinated blouse must be worn as well as an appropriate pair of shoes. Considerably, neutral-colored pantyhose should be worn. Perfume and makeup must be light. The nails must be neatly manicured as well.

For less formal interviews, it would be best to wear business casual attire or startup casual attire. However, these attires should not be too casual. It is advisable not to wear your favorite sneakers to the interview. Otherwise, you will not make the best impression that you are after.

Better asked the interview contact person what the appropriate dress code during the interview should be. In this way also, you will match the attire of the interviewer.


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