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15 Preschool songs for circle time

Music heightens the overall learning readiness. Exposing children to music helps them learn sounds, sound patterns, and the meaning behind the words. Music introduces new words, for instance, that aid in developing the child’s comprehension skills.

As a mom of two, I know how beneficial using preschool songs are in their school activities. These songs perk up their mood every time they don’t feel like 100%.

Morning circle is incredibly challenging. This group activity, which involves everyone, targets social skills development, which is fundamental to play-based learning.

Students understandably got bored quickly and agitated at times during circle time. But this is true whether the child is homeschooling or attending an online class or in a classroom setting.

circle time /n/
a period within a school day wherein young children gather in a circle for a guided discussion or activity

I observed this past school year that these preschool songs did more than what’s expected. Joyland teachers used video lessons, and each lesson starts with a prayer and a preschool song. Each week is a different song. And I can say that Adele enjoyed the songs more than the lessons themselves. Oops…

Yes, Adele is a visual and creative learner. She appreciates music, song, dance, and art more. She learns better when these elements are integrated into the lessons.

Seriously, the song geared her up for the tasks ahead. And each lesson has what—three to four activities.

These preschool songs are all-time favorites. Some of these songs are action songs too.

Preschool songs for circle time

















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