No one knows precisely when work-from-home (WFH) job opportunities exploded. However, we all know that these opportunities intensified during the coronavirus pandemic and gave people a new chance at earning a decent living while staying at home. At-home jobs are very diverse and categorically easy to do—anyone can do it. Here are some of the most exciting job prospects.

WFH jobs for moms and dads

1) Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants provide all forms of administrative, secretarial, medical, and legal works. Usually, the companies requiring the services of a VA are in the food, retail, and elder care industries. However, some companies that hire VAs are small companies that cannot necessarily justify hiring permanent employees.

Skills required: Word processing, computer, communication, writing, proofreading, organizational, and management

Earning potential: Starts from $15 per hour

2) Translator

Translators don’t translate verbatim, but with both linguistic and cultural differences in mind. Most translators, who translate from one language to another, often work under tight deadlines and with high levels of accuracy. Professional, technical, scientific, educational, and health care services frequently require the help of a translator.

Skills required: Translation, writing, reading, comprehension, computer, typing, and communication

Earning potential: Starts from $20 per hour; some industries pay higher

3) Data encoder

Also called data entry clerks, data encoders enter or update data into a database. Data are customarily typed from paper documents. Accuracy and speed are just some of the measures used in determining the efficiency of a data encoder. Companies dealing with volumes of data such as medical institutions, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and courier companies are the typical clients.

Skills required: Typing, computer, numeracy, administrative, and organizational

Earning potential: Starts from $15 per hour

4) Website tester

From the title itself, website testers inspect a website to determine any bugs, defects, errors, and any usability and interaction issues. Large companies that develop websites require the services of a website tester consistently. Also, there are dedicated websites that list sites that pay people for testing websites on a first-come, first-served basis.

Skills required: Communication, technical, computer, and testing

Earning potential: $10 per test

5) Survey taker

Survey takers answer questions and respond to polls. The website contacts the survey testers regarding a survey relevant to their demographic profile. For example, pay differs on the survey length that is often for FMCGs (fast-moving consumer goods) and automotive companies.

Skills required: Comprehension, typing, and communication

Earning potential: $1 to $15 per survey

I wrote a blog post before on how I earn extra income by answering surveys. 😉

6) Lead generation specialist

Also called a sales executive, a lead generation specialist prospects, qualifies and generates new leads. The specialist commonly conducts a product or service demo. Leads are generated online through social media networks, forums, emails, etc.

Skills required: Computer, typing, communication, follow-up, cold calling, and data management

Earning potential: It depends; some pays a percentage per conversion

7) Social media manager

Social media managers are like virtual assistants, only that the former’s responsibilities are more lenient to doing tasks on the social media platforms. Social media is the newest marketing and customer service channel for brands worldwide. Managing their social profiles means either hiring an in-house manager or outsource to third-party companies or freelancers. Nevertheless, one requirement is a sizable following.

Skills required: Social media, communication, interpersonal, graphics, writing, and customer service

Earning potential: Starts from $10 per hour

Above you will find work-at-home jobs that require no special skills. The works required are straightforward, so it applies to anyone who wants to earn from home. Aside from a computer and a connection and, of course, the suitable skill set, all you will ever need is a can-do attitude. These at-home jobs are ever-booming, so you’d never run out of opportunities.


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