Moving is not a “wing it” situation. Usually, it takes plenty of preparing, saving, and pondering about what you will need for this big event. Below we’ll look at three goals to conquer before your move.

Question #1 – Do I need more room?

There are plenty of reasons to move and needing more space is one of the best reasons. Perhaps your family is growing, and you have realized that having one to two bedrooms just isn’t enough space. Or perhaps you’re just looking for more space because you can!

After you have established if you should rent or buy a house, knowing how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need to properly function in your space is a plus. Bedroom and bathroom count are the number one amenity that purchasers look for in a new space.

Keep in mind, that you may just want an extra bit of room so that you or others in your household can have alone time or space. This is an underrated but highly valued luxury that some of us don’t think enough about. 

Do you want a space where you can work on a passion project? Or perhaps you would like an extra room to store your tools or supplies for whatever you may enjoy doing. Maybe you’re looking to give your pet their own space as well. These are all great examples of needing more room.

If you can find something within your price range that offers you a bit more square footage even as opposed to an additional room, it can be well worth it. Determine your spatial needs before you jump right into the next steps.

Question #2 – Do I know anyone in my new location?

You may only be traveling to another part of your town or city, but maybe you are making a bit of a bigger jump. So many things are running through our minds when we are preparing to move, but do we ever stop to think about actually living there?

How close is the grocery store, a gas station, or the nearest hospital? This is vital information that really should be considered before your official move. Hopefully, you have some acquaintances in the area that you can turn to in need. It can be scary moving far away from those you love and those that support you.

Even if you don’t know anyone there, it might be a good idea to look into ways you can meet new locals. Research online about some of the events in your new town, where people spend time, and maybe if there are any groups you are interested in joining. This is going to make your transition to your new place a bit more comfortable. It’s always beneficial to have someone to talk to, even if it’s getting to know each other at first.

Question #3 – What will my commute look like?

Many folks move to a new area either due to their current job or they are looking for a new job. You’ll need income established before you move; that’s self-explanatory. And with prices of all goods on the rise, you’re driving to work should be considered.

If you’re moving to a pretty populated area, finding public transit is going to be your best bet for a commute. Another great way to get to and from work is by carpooling. Although, at first, you may not know many people to grab rides with. 

It’s really important to take into account how long it will take you to get to and from work and from your new place. It’s advisable to make a trip to your new town at least once before moving there. You can test the public transit or your commute so you can establish properly how to get to and from your workplace.

This can be a common oversight when you move, but it should be considered. You’re not going to be doing yourself any favors if you live on one side of the city but work on the other side. All of these questions can be answered by a short visit to your new town. 


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