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9 Ways to improve your mental health

People who are mentally healthy are in better control of their behaviors and emotions. Unfortunately, some of us tend to focus on our physical health that we forget to improve our mental health. That's not advisable more so our physical, emotional, and mental health are somehow connected. When you are physically exhausted, your spirits are… Continue reading 9 Ways to improve your mental health

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How to use your car less

Every car on the road contributes to traffic congestion and noise and air pollution (greenhouse gas emission). Have you ever asked yourself what you can do to minimize pollution, for instance? Interestingly, you asked yourself such a question while you are sitting comfortably inside your car. Yes, that’s the answer – use your car less! Here's… Continue reading How to use your car less

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Should you rent or buy a house?

Would you rather rent or buy a house? This is the most pressing issue nowadays. However, the right answer lies in the person's particular circumstances, such as the current financial situation. For one, the pandemic has exhausted our savings and emergency funds. This also took a toll on people's decision to buy a house and… Continue reading Should you rent or buy a house?

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How to choose a wedding theme

Weddings are momentous. In the Philippines, June is not the only wedding season. January, February, and December are also considered as wedding seasons in the country. If there is one thing that your guests will remember for years, that would be your wedding theme. A theme serves as a backdrop for any wedding. Thus, choosing… Continue reading How to choose a wedding theme

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Dine, stay, play and pray in Tagaytay

During the summertime, it’s always a toss between Tagaytay City and Baguio City. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but for some reasons, Tagaytay City seemed to be the favorite of the Manileños. Tagaytay City is only two hours of drive away from Metro Manila, and the fare is usually less than a hundred… Continue reading Dine, stay, play and pray in Tagaytay