Disclosure Policy

Jenv T Corre’s Wall publishes blog posts along with affiliate links. An interaction with any of these links will lead to a compensation, monetary and otherwise, to the blogger. It means I will be compensated, monetary and otherwise, if you click or buy a product or service using any of the links found on my blog.

I will communicate through this disclaimer page and on each post whether it is a sponsored post or not. Also, I understand my responsibility to the Filipino blogging community to disclose what the readers need to be aware of.

With that said, Google allows bloggers to publish affiliate content provided that:

  • The affiliate content must be only a minor part of the blog
  • The blog adds substantial value to the users
  • The chosen products or services are appropriate for the intended audience
  • The goal is to build a community among the readers
  • The content is updated, relevant and on-topic

Google rules on sponsored content

Nevertheless, the blog abides by the rules set forth by Google:

Use the nofollow tag

If it’s applicable and appropriate, a rel=nofollow tag must be used since it’s not an organic link. This is more so if you are publishing a review on a product or service rendered free of charge.

Disclose the relationship

Although disclosure of sponsorship is not required in the Philippines, the blog must let the readers know if the content they are reading is sponsored or not.

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All content/s of Jenv T Corre’s Wall including (but is not limited to) blog posts and images are owned and created solely for the purpose of this blog and any of its social and affiliate pages unless otherwise stated.

Hence, the use, reproduction and/or copying of any of its content/s (part or whole) without the author’s consent is not permitted. The blogger may resort to possible legal proceedings if this right is infringed or not honored in any how.


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