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Welcome to The Lovegood Shoppe, where you can buy feel good products!

Indifference is indeed the greatest tragedy. Suffer, we mustn’t. So join me in this cause. Let’s change the world one sustainable product at a time!

Natural product categories



Hand soaps

Essential oils

Face and lip care

Hair care

Shampoo bars

Body care

Feminine care

Hand and foot care

Oral care

Deo care

Baby care

Kids’ care

Men’s care

Mom care packages

Beauty oils



Home care

Food and drink

Sun care

Protective care

Pet care


Goods and gifts

How to buy sustainable products from my shop

  1. Go to The Lovegood Shoppe.
  2. Click Start Shopping.
  3. Search for the product using the search bar.
  4. Or, mouse over the tabs.
  5. Click Add to Cart if you want to explore the shop more or Buy Now* to proceed to the checkout page.
    *If you click the Buy Now button, you will be directed to the Customer Login page. New customers need to create an account first, while registered customers may login directly.
    You may also login using your Facebook account.
  6. Once done with adding items to the cart, mouse over the cart button.
  7. XCick the Checkout** or View Cart*** button.
    **If you click the Checkout button, you will be directed to the Customer Login page as well. Proceed with customer registration.
    ***If you click the View Cart button, you will be directed to the Shopping Cart page where you will see all the items added on your cart.
    You may update your cart by changing the quantity and applying coupon if you have any. Click Checkout to be directed to the Customer Login page. Proceed accordingly.

Or, order directly through my Facebook page:

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