The next best thing after submitting your resume is landing a job interview. This is perhaps one of the daunting parts of the job-hunting process, more so if you are clueless about what decent job interview attire consists of.

Remember that an interview is also an avenue of making a first impression for your future employer. As such, choosing what clothes to wear during an interview must be carefully considered.

Dressing for a job interview

Men versus women interview attires

Specifically, men are increasingly becoming more interested in fashion and grooming to the same degree as women. For both, though, how to dress for a job interview mainly constitutes showing respect for the interviewer and showing the person that you can easily fit into the company’s culture.

There will be a difference in women’s and men’s job interview attire depending on the position you are applying for. However, there are proper ways to dress for professional and less formal interview attire.

Professional versus less formal interviews

During a professional interview, men should wear suits in solid colors like grey or navy blue. He must also wear long sleeves, preferably white. He must also wear a tie, belt, and dark socks. Polished, conservative black shoes should be considered. The hair must be neat and professionally styled. He must have neatly trimmed nails. Bring a suitcase for a more professional look.

Women must also wear suits in solid colors, including black, grey, or navy blue. The suit skirt must be long enough for the interviewee to sit comfortably in front of the interviewer. A color-coordinated blouse must be worn as well as an appropriate pair of shoes. Considerably, neutral-colored pantyhose should be worn. Perfume and makeup must be light. The nails must be neatly manicured as well.

For less formal interviews, it would be best to wear business casual attire or startup casual attire. However, these attires should not be too casual. It is advisable not to wear your favorite sneakers to the interview. Otherwise, you will not make the best impression that you are after.

Better asked the interview contact person what the appropriate dress code during the interview should be. In this way also, you will match the attire of the interviewer.

Eat healthy foods whenever you can, especially those that can further your life expectancy. Here are some of the foods that you should be munching on instead.

Best foods for a long, healthy life

1) Spicy veggies

Bell peppers and their varieties, such as cayenne, tabasco, jalapeño, etc., have high capsaicin content. Capsaicin has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation, and anti-cancer properties. Hence, incorporating this in your meal at least once a week cuts the risk of dying by 10%.

2) Egg and other high-protein foods

Gruyere cheese, Greek yogurt, milk, fish, seafood, soya, and pistachio nuts are good protein sources. While these foods can increase one’s longevity, they can shorten lifespan when consumed too little or too much. The recommended daily intake is 0.8 to 1 gram of protein for every 1 kilogram of your body weight.

3) Dark, green leafy vegetables

Vegetables can lengthen your life. No surprise there. What’s surprising is the fact that eating kale, spinach, mustard, arugula, and lettuces (romaine, boston, and iceberg) decreases the risk of death by 15% while also protecting your brain from aging.

4) Berries

Berries – strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry – are both tasty and healthy. People who eat fruits several times a week are at a lower risk of dying. The main reason is the polyphenols in berries, a micronutrient that prevents the onset of various degenerative diseases.

Bottom-line, include vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods on your meal plans so you can enjoy a healthier and longer life.

While Rich Dad, Poor Dad does not have many ‘actionable suggestions’ that you can work on, the book is compelling in challenging anyone to think and rethink how they currently approach matters involving money and work. The book, which Robert T. Kiyosaki wrote, offers insights into quantifying your earnings responsibly. You need not be a genius to know the difference between how a rich family differs from a poor family. This is just about mind setting wherein the low-income family has to be wiser with the family’s financial decisions. However, the low-income family has to learn about this the hard way. The book cannot emphasize more the fact that the rich family already knew what they would do with their money, but the poor family will struggle at managing their finances.

You will either love or hate Rich Dad, Poor Dad though you must admit that there are specific issues raised in the book that you can somehow relate to. You must have faced a situation where you have to decide financially, and somehow you made an economically unsound decision. This book can definitely serve as a wake-up call, inspiring you to make an otherwise different decision when faced with the same situation again. There are specific methods that the book covered, but the superficial allusions between how a rich dad perceives money matters with that of a poor dad are more striking.

Forget about the tax-avoidance strategies, Rich Dad, Poor Dad has an underlying message of how powerful one’s knowledge about money and finances can work its way towards more effective management of your resources. You can be rich, but you have to exert extra effort in sustaining your wealth, that is, without forgetting about your ethics along the way. Sure, you have to make sound financial decisions, but you have to make that kind of decision. While there are people who just have to build and invest in a business (the rich), there are people who need to struggle to make ends meet (the poor), but while at it, they have to uplift their situation into a more desirable and sustainable living status. As Rich Dad, Poor Dad emphasizes, the only way to do this is to educate yourself first in responsibly managing your finances and second in effectively making sound financial decisions.      

How to Win Friends is authored by Dale Carnegie. The goodness about this self-help book is that it is not time-dependent. While it was written and first published in 1937, How to Win Friends is still relevant today. Evidently, Carnegie was able to write a book that is classic and timeless. The secret would be that it was written by a person who has a deep understanding of human nature. For the author, you have to go the extra mile for other people to feel appreciated and important if needs be. You need not manipulate and exhaust energy out of these people to get what you want really. Instead, you have to tap on their eagerness to do things for you without asking them. As such, How to Win Friends offers deep and practical learning on how to deal with other people without the need for blatant criticism and deliberate resentment. 

Relating with other people is not without difficulties, especially if you do not know how to connect with yourself. How to Win Friends shows the significance of this by illustrating points based on the anecdotes of historical figures and world leaders, and everyday folks. Impliedly, the book tells any reader that if these figures and leaders can, then why can’t you? This reminds me that respect and cooperation should be gained and must not be demanded. There are simple ways that the book teaches you how. For instance, How to Win Friends highlights the need to be an empathic listener and the need to be as humble as you can. As powerful as it seemed to be, the book can make a worthy friend in you that people around would want to keep.

While How to Win Friends was written with a business context, which means that it is purely ‘transactional,’ you cannot deny that it can transform anyone. This is more so for those who are looking for deep relationships with other people. Of course, there will always be people who are impossible to get along with that no matter how much you apply the techniques you have learned from How to Win Friends—you will get zero results. If you are consistent at it, though, they might open up to you and what you can offer to them. After all, everyone has a humane side too.  

Ask and It’s Given is authored by Jerry and Esther Hicks, books writers who want to help people create the life they truly desire. When the authors pertain to ‘desire,’ nonetheless, it refers to the natural positive force within all of us. As such, every individual has their desires though it varies in level and intensity that leads that individual towards frustration and disappointment when not achieved. Indeed, the book’s message is that it would be challenging for any desire to materialize unless the individual will learn to ask and receive whatever a person wants to be, to do, and to have. 

Ask and It’s Given is a compilation of messages that were channeled from Abraham. Expectedly, no new information can be found in the book. Please do not underestimate the book because it contains all the important messages that will inspire its reader. In a very warm, conversational tone, the book speaks of how any individual may attract the life s/he so wanted. The book is very intriguing in such a way that the discussions are in-depth about changing one’s life for the better. The book gave new meaning to what positive thinking is.   

As Ask and It’s Given is channeled, you cannot, and must not, complete the book in one sitting. Instead, please read it in passages, reflecting after reading a passage. Though implicitly, it advises the readers to take some time to meditate and think about their own life’s current status. With a clear mind, you have to work with your emotions and energy towards creating the positivity that seems to lurk deep into your memory. You have to draw ‘supernatural inspiration’ and apply this in your own context. The book contains profound truths that are manifested in desires. Just when you thought that you are done here, you will suddenly feel that there is nothing you cannot do after reading the book.

Equipped with simple and practical exercises, Ask and It’s Given is not your typical how-to book. The truth is there are how-to books that are lip-service. This book is a culmination of all how-to books that focus on life and living positively without meaning to do so. As the book gives highly utilizable exercises, no book is informative and inspiring than Ask and It’s Given. If there is one manifestation book worth buying that is Ask and It’s Given, you will never regret that decision. Ever!

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