Would you rather rent or buy a house? This is the most pressing issue nowadays. However, the right answer lies in the person’s particular circumstances, such as the current financial situation. For one, the pandemic has exhausted our savings and emergency funds. This also took a toll on people’s decision to buy a house and rent for a couple more years until they fully recover financially.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons first. This is the necessary first step so you won’t fall into the common renting or buying pitfalls.

Should you rent a house?

Yes, rent now

Renting requires no maintenance. If something needs fixing, you simply need to call the homeowner’s attention or the property manager’s to arrange with the in-house or local plumber, electrician, etc. Importantly, you need not save for the upkeep fund because the owner is the one to save for it.

Moving to another place is easier. If a career-oriented relocation opportunity presents itself, you may grab such an opportunity without having second thoughts. You can move out anytime you want! Also, you can save yourself from the hassles of selling your home.

A house can be a depreciating asset. With the subprime crisis of 2008 in mind, it isn’t guaranteed that a house will increase in value in the coming years. There are many factors at play, including its location. On the contrary, house value appreciation in the Philippines remains relatively stable despite the health crisis.

No, don’t rent

Money rental fees are rising steadily. In many cities across the country, monthly rents are increasing. Negotiating the rent is possible, but you can’t count on it. The rent may increase immediately after finishing the current lease contract.

There’s no way to build equity against the property. The house can only provide you a place to live. Thus, it cannot provide you with a salable asset if you want to move out of it.

Limited interior design choices. In making changes to the apartment, you need to first obtain the owner’s permission, especially if you want the place repainted. Approval may be lengthy, too, depending on who is involved in the decision-making process.

Should you buy a house?

Yes, buy now

Building equity. Historically, residential properties rise in value between 4% and 6% annually. So even if your property is not increasing its value, you can still build equity upon paying the monthly amortization.

Monthly repayments are relatively stable. For fixed-rate mortgages, monthly amortizations stay the same throughout the loan tenure. Only the property tax and home insurance change from time to time.

Settling in a community. Homeownership may also mean deeper involvement in your community because you’d know that you will be staying there for many years. Your actions are often geared toward making your community a better place for everybody.

Decorating as to your heart’s content. Basically, you have the freedom to style your house any way you please.

No, not too fast

Paying for own maintenance. Costs of upkeep are all yours to shoulder. Also, you need to save money to cover unexpected repairs.

Home as illiquid assets. If you face the need to relocate due to an unexpected change in circumstances, selling your home is not easy. Even if you sell it, you won’t be able to rake in as much money as you want.

Buying requires upfront payment. Definitely, you cannot buy a house without a down payment. In addition, there are other related costs such as closing costs, documentation, etc.

Home insurance is required. For mortgaged properties, insurance is mandatory. The majority of lenders in the Philippines require that the borrower insure the property. Paying monthly amortization along with monthly premiums is rather difficult.

Evidently, there is value in renting or buying a property. However, homeownership is a long-term commitment; hence, it is not for everyone. Renting, on the other hand, is more lenient to short-term goals. Therefore, it is a matter of decision depending on which can provide you with a more cost-effective solution.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links—I’ll earn a percentage for each purchase made through the said links.

Outgrowing things we love is never a pleasant process. 〜Lucy Maud Montogomery

True enough, there are things we never outgrow. I, for one, never outgrow my love for Papemelroti.

My love for it started when I was in high school. One of my classmates introduced me to the brand. Back then, teenagers were the biggest fans of Papemelroti, Blue Magic, etc. These are the Batang 90s things that I think will never get old. Ever!

The first Papemelroti store I visited was the Sta. Lucia branch. It’s nearest our high school, Antipolo National High School (ANHS). Sadly, this branch is no longer operational.

When I was in college, I would frequent the Ali Mall branch. I pass by Ali Mall every school day going home because the Antipolo-Cubao terminal is a few blocks away from the mall. I think this one is still open.

I would visit the stores to browse new items. Then, when I have spare money, which is rare 😂, I would buy stationery and other novelty items. Yes, these stores are my happy place.

I would also buy gifts from the store, especially for Monito Monita, an office tradition that occurs for six weeks before Christmas vacation. So that’s six gifts! Not all of them are from Papemelroti—it still depends on the theme: something black, something that starts with the first letter of your name, something round and soft, something something… 🎄🎅🎁

Monito Monita /n/
The Filipinos’ version of exchanging gifts; like Secret Santa

What a delight it is to receive a Papemelroti gift!

When I got married in 2012, Junior and I commissioned the Sta. Lucia branch for our wedding souvenir. I was so happy with the result!

I remember how much I wanted to visit the main branch when I worked in my first job in Tomas Morato. Unfortunately, I never had the chance because I’m too afraid of getting lost. Sayang!

Now, I do my browsing online. Aside from having its own e-commerce website, Papemelroti also sells on Shopee and Lazada. What’s great about shopping online is that Papemelroti offers:

  1. Free shipping on orders of Php1,000 and up
  2. Discounted bulk orders
  3. Freebies with every purchase

2021 Papemelroti haul

My purchase includes:

  1. Affirmation Magnetic Bookmark (You Can Do This), Php19
  2. No More Procrastinating B & W Writing Pad, Php32
  3. Forever and Always Gift Set (Colored writing pad, large notebook, small notebook, and small notepad), Php189
  4. Freebie: Little Green Rabbit Postcard, Php6

Browse more Papemelroti products here:

Stress is inevitable. But don’t let it get the best of you. There are many ways to combat stress.

How to relieve stress

1 Listen to music

Take a break and listen to relaxing music. Classics will do, but you may listen to nature sounds instead if these are not your thing. Listening to music with calming effect reduces the levels of cortisol, aka the stress hormone. Focus on the melodies and instruments.

2 Call a friend

Talk to a friend about the problem. At times, all you need is another person’s, usually a loved one’s, reassuring voice regardless of how short the call maybe. Tackling the problem can also put everything in a clearer perspective. Of course, it is much better if you can converse face to face.

3 Eat healthy snacks

Grab some fruits and veggies. Eat some fish, particularly those that contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acid, which is considered a stress-relieving nutrient. Better yet, think ahead and prepare yourself a tuna sandwich.

4 Laugh it off

Laughter is still the best medicine. While laughing, physiological changes occur. For instance, it increases our immune system response, leading to higher levels of immune cells in our body. The higher the response, the lower the stress level. Laughing also boosts the release of endorphins and lowers cortisol. So, yes, it is okay to look at those funny cat pictures. Or, re-read the funny email you received some two months ago. Go to YouTube and watch some amusing videos to lighten the load.

5 Drink some tea

Green tea contains theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation. Tea also contains healthy antioxidants that combat free radicals. Free radicals damage the cells, and they are released when you are stressed. Grab a cup of green tea whenever you are feeling overwhelmed.

6 Do one-minute exercises

Simple stretches and short walks offer immediate relief. If not these exercises, do anything that will get your blood flowing more efficiently for the brain to release endorphins or happy hormones. This can relieve stress almost instantaneously.

7 Go outside

Mother Nature is considered one of the best anti-depressants, and it’s free. The natural colors and fresh air help the brain to disengage from all the stressors. Also, exposure to natural light leads to the release of serotonin, a mood-lifting chemical. Eat lunch al fresco, for example.

8 Breathe slowly, deeply

Take a deep breath. A cliché, but it still works. Buddhist monks are very keen on this because deep breathing centers the body and clears the mind. It also oxygenates the blood, slows the heart rate, and lowers blood pressure, the reverse of which are the effects of stress.

9 Be mindful

You can meditate as well to discard the distracting thoughts. Meditation is a mental exercise that combats the onset of stress in the first place. It alters the neural pathways in the brain, making it more stress-resilient.

10 Sleep more peacefully

Based on different studies, the sweet spot of sleep is 7 hours. Get into bed as early as possible so you can sleep at least 7 hours daily. Turn your TV off earlier and put your phone in silent mode.

Read more about herbal pillows: Relieve pain naturally with herbal pillow

While it is inevitable, stress is reasonably manageable. So, do everything in your power to reduce your stress. After all, a stress-free you is a happier you.

herbal pillow /n/
A small pillow containing a combination of dried herbs stuffed inside

Tackling your home, your kids, especially when you have school-aged children, your hobbies and your passion projects leads to exhaustion, feeling pain anywhere in the body. Sometimes, you want to sleep the pain away, so you feel recharged the next day.

I do that—sleeping until I feel completely feel rejuvenated. I try my best to refrain from taking paracetamol for instant relief. But there are moments when I can’t help it until I learned that painkillers and NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Have you heard of herbal pillows? Do you know that it can help in relieving aching muscles and joints? Yep, it can!

Let’s learn more about herbal pillows, shall we?

Where do herbal pillows originate?

herbal pillow scented sachets

Herbal pillows are initially used in traditional Chinese medicine as a drug delivery device. These pillows are regarded as a therapeutic alternative to relieve aching muscles and joints.

An ancient health book reveals how medicinal pillows are made. First, ground medicinal plants—a total of 13 plants—are mixed before being wrapped in a raw silk bag. Next, the bag is wrapped in an outer bag, also made of silk but only thinner, to maintain the fragrance. Finally, the pillow is put in a box when not in use to preserve the herbs’ efficacy.

The early versions of hand-crafted herbal pillows need no heating or freezing because the heat from the head and neck can volatize the essences to release a therapeutic aroma. The essences include chrysanthemum gypsum, tea, ligusticum wallichii, and angelica anomala. In the ancient Western world, chamomile, lavender, valerian, skullcap, and hops. This encourages better sleep.

volatize /v/
Cause a substance to evaporate or disperse in vapor

But before they become pillows, they started as “scented sachets.” It is like a small cloth bag—some are actually pillow-like—filled with dried herbs. They are placed near or under the pillow or hung in the bedroom to promote sleep and overcome sleeplessness. As early as 1606, these pillows are ‘administered’ to patients who have insomnia.

Penny Black, author of The Book of Potpourri: Fragrant Flower Mixes for Scenting & Decorating the Home, creates an original sleep pillow recipe with dried herbs and flowers such as rose petals, violets, rosemary, vanilla bean, and a drop of lemon oil on it.

I think this is the closest we get to the herbal pillows of today.

What are the benefits of using herbal pillows?

herbal pillows scented potpourri

Using herbal pillows has several benefits. The pillows can

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help relax tired muscles
  • Relieves tension and stress
  • Relieve swelling, stiffness, and inflammation
  • Promote comfort and relaxation

How can herbal pillows help alleviate pain?

Herbal pillows, which contains cassia seeds, ginger, cinnamon, lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint, can be used hot or cold. This makes these pillows unique and actually more effective—they can relieve muscle pain when heated or frozen.

How to use for hot therapy

When relieving pain, it is better to use the pillow as a hot compress. The heat produces a soothing effect that reduces pain and provides relief. It also encourages normal blood circulation.

You may put it in the microwave and use it right away. You need to put the heated herbal pillow above the area where you feel pain. Leave it there for a few minutes and let moist heat does its work of producing steam that penetrates the skin.

So, yes, the pain is tackled at the tissue level.

Use hot therapy for:

  1. Muscle pains
  2. Stiffness
  3. Nervous tensions
  4. Cramps
  5. Arthritis
  6. Flu
  7. Colic
  8. Asthma
  9. Cold
  10. Blisters

How to use for cold therapy

The effect is achieved when using a cold herbal pillow. It lowers the temperature of the tissue and numbs the nerve endings.

Use cold therapy for:

  1. Inflamed muscles
  2. Fever
  3. Migraine
  4. Headache
  5. Sprains
  6. Bumps
  7. Toothache
  8. Nosebleed
  9. Sports injuries

Herbal pillows promote natural pain relief, particularly for mild and moderate pain. I wouldn’t recommend it for severe pain, though. It’s still best to consult with your doctor if that’s the case.

Whether you use it hot or cold, it surely guarantees comfort! Bathe in the herbal scent goodness, inducing you to calm down and relax.

*Disclaimer: Herbal pillows aid in the treatment, not meant to replace physician care—no approved therapeutic claim.

How to care for your pillow

The pillow’s scent is strong initially, but the aromas would fade after several uses and repeated heating and freezing. However, you may use the pillow a hundred times before the scent would fade.

Here are some ways to prolong the aromatic scents of your pillow.

  • Do not overheat; excessive heating causes the ingredients to lose their aromatherapeutic properties
  • Place a half-pilled cup of water inside the microwave with the pillow
  • Make sure the pillow rotates unhindered in the microwave; hot spots may burn or melt the fabric
  • Heat the pillow for 30 seconds to 2 minutes only (higher temperatures means quicker heating time and vice versa)
  • Steam the pillow for 15 minutes only but plastic-wrapped it first so it won’t get overly damp
  • Make sure the heated pillow is completely cooled before packing
  • Place the pillow insider the freezer for 1 to 3 hours but put it inside a sealed bag first
  • Unwrap the frozen pillow gently to avoid any damage
  • Do not soak the pillow since it is not washable; wash the pillow cover regularly, though
  • Store the pillow in the freezer

Aromatherapy pillows for sale

Herbal eye patch

The eye patch soothes tired eyes—best used after a tiring day at work. It’s highly recommended for workers whose job require them to look at the computer screen for longer periods.

Use it for pampering sessions at home. You may bring it during long trips as well.

Precious Pillow Herbal Eye Patch | 9.5″ x 4″ | Php689

Herbal shoulder pillow

The shoulder pillow soothes neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. It was shaped to rest comfortably on the shoulders.

Use it while relaxing or working. It’s very compact you may take it anywhere.

Precious Herbal Shoulder Pillow | 7″ x 20″ | Php1,099

Herbal small pillow

The small pillow is very versatile. You may place it on your chest, abdomen, lower back, legs, etc. You may put it on a table and rest your stiff wrists above it.

It brings relief and comfort just the same.

Precious Herbal Small Pillow | 6″ x 11″ | Php789

The pillows are made with washable organic cotton pillowcases in green apple.

You may use the patch and herbal pillows over and over until the herbal scent wears off. That’s the time you need to replace the patch or the pillow with a new one.

About Precious Pillow

Human Nature carries the Precious Pillow brand, owned by Albime Chester Sy. The social enterprise aims to reach the ever-health-conscious Filipino consumers through their all-natural products. The company manufactures herbal pillows that combine 100% natural grain seeds, aromatic herbs, and essential oils released over time.

The profits of the herbal pillows directly help a sewing community located in San Nicolas, Bulacan and the Right Start Community Development Inc. The latter is a non-profit non-government organization (NGO) that supports underprivileged Filipino children through music, dance, and creative arts.

Where to buy Precious herbal eye patch and pillows
  1. Go to The Lovegood Shoppe.
  2. Click Start Shopping.
  3. You may search ‘herbal pillow’ using the search bar.
  4. Or, mouse over Home and Lifestyle.
  5. Click Wellness to be directed on the social enterprise products.
  6. Scroll down then, click on the herbal pillow product of your choice.
  7. Indicate the quantity.
  8. Then, click Add to Cart if you want to explore the shop more or Buy Now* to proceed to the checkout page.
    *If you click the Buy Now button, you will be directed to the Customer Login page. New customers need to create an account first, while registered customers may login directly.
    You may also login using your Facebook account.
  9. Once done with adding items to the cart, mouse over the cart button.
  10. You may click the Checkout** or View Cart*** button.
    **If you click the Checkout button, you will be directed to the Customer Login page as well. Proceed with customer registration.
    ***If you click the View Cart button, you will be directed to the Shopping Cart page where you will see all the items added on your cart.
    You may update your cart by changing the quantity and applying coupon if you have any. Click Checkout to be directed to the Customer Login page. Proceed accordingly.

Or, you may order directly through my Facebook page:https://web.facebook.com/thelovegoodshoppe/

The next best thing after submitting your resume is landing a job interview. This is perhaps one of the daunting parts of the job-hunting process, more so if you are clueless about what decent job interview attire consists of.

Remember that an interview is also an avenue of making a first impression for your future employer. As such, choosing what clothes to wear during an interview must be carefully considered.

Dressing for a job interview

Men versus women interview attires

Specifically, men are increasingly becoming more interested in fashion and grooming to the same degree as women. For both, though, how to dress for a job interview mainly constitutes showing respect for the interviewer and showing the person that you can easily fit into the company’s culture.

There will be a difference in women’s and men’s job interview attire depending on the position you are applying for. However, there are proper ways to dress for professional and less formal interview attire.

Professional versus less formal interviews

During a professional interview, men should wear suits in solid colors like grey or navy blue. He must also wear long sleeves, preferably white. He must also wear a tie, belt, and dark socks. Polished, conservative black shoes should be considered. The hair must be neat and professionally styled. He must have neatly trimmed nails. Bring a suitcase for a more professional look.

Women must also wear suits in solid colors, including black, grey, or navy blue. The suit skirt must be long enough for the interviewee to sit comfortably in front of the interviewer. A color-coordinated blouse must be worn as well as an appropriate pair of shoes. Considerably, neutral-colored pantyhose should be worn. Perfume and makeup must be light. The nails must be neatly manicured as well.

For less formal interviews, it would be best to wear business casual attire or startup casual attire. However, these attires should not be too casual. It is advisable not to wear your favorite sneakers to the interview. Otherwise, you will not make the best impression that you are after.

Better asked the interview contact person what the appropriate dress code during the interview should be. In this way also, you will match the attire of the interviewer.

Eat healthy foods whenever you can, especially those that can further your life expectancy. Here are some of the foods that you should be munching on instead.

Best foods for a long, healthy life

1) Spicy veggies

Bell peppers and their varieties, such as cayenne, tabasco, jalapeño, etc., have high capsaicin content. Capsaicin has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation, and anti-cancer properties. Hence, incorporating this in your meal at least once a week cuts the risk of dying by 10%.

2) Egg and other high-protein foods

Gruyere cheese, Greek yogurt, milk, fish, seafood, soya, and pistachio nuts are good protein sources. While these foods can increase one’s longevity, they can shorten lifespan when consumed too little or too much. The recommended daily intake is 0.8 to 1 gram of protein for every 1 kilogram of your body weight.

3) Dark, green leafy vegetables

Vegetables can lengthen your life. No surprise there. What’s surprising is the fact that eating kale, spinach, mustard, arugula, and lettuces (romaine, boston, and iceberg) decreases the risk of death by 15% while also protecting your brain from aging.

4) Berries

Berries – strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry – are both tasty and healthy. People who eat fruits several times a week are at a lower risk of dying. The main reason is the polyphenols in berries, a micronutrient that prevents the onset of various degenerative diseases.

Bottom-line, include vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods on your meal plans so you can enjoy a healthier and longer life.

While Rich Dad, Poor Dad does not have many ‘actionable suggestions’ that you can work on, the book is compelling in challenging anyone to think and rethink how they currently approach matters involving money and work. The book, which Robert T. Kiyosaki wrote, offers insights into quantifying your earnings responsibly. You need not be a genius to know the difference between how a rich family differs from a poor family. This is just about mind setting wherein the low-income family has to be wiser with the family’s financial decisions. However, the low-income family has to learn about this the hard way. The book cannot emphasize more the fact that the rich family already knew what they would do with their money, but the poor family will struggle at managing their finances.

You will either love or hate Rich Dad, Poor Dad though you must admit that there are specific issues raised in the book that you can somehow relate to. You must have faced a situation where you have to decide financially, and somehow you made an economically unsound decision. This book can definitely serve as a wake-up call, inspiring you to make an otherwise different decision when faced with the same situation again. There are specific methods that the book covered, but the superficial allusions between how a rich dad perceives money matters with that of a poor dad are more striking.

Forget about the tax-avoidance strategies, Rich Dad, Poor Dad has an underlying message of how powerful one’s knowledge about money and finances can work its way towards more effective management of your resources. You can be rich, but you have to exert extra effort in sustaining your wealth, that is, without forgetting about your ethics along the way. Sure, you have to make sound financial decisions, but you have to make that kind of decision. While there are people who just have to build and invest in a business (the rich), there are people who need to struggle to make ends meet (the poor), but while at it, they have to uplift their situation into a more desirable and sustainable living status. As Rich Dad, Poor Dad emphasizes, the only way to do this is to educate yourself first in responsibly managing your finances and second in effectively making sound financial decisions.      

How to Win Friends is authored by Dale Carnegie. The goodness about this self-help book is that it is not time-dependent. While it was written and first published in 1937, How to Win Friends is still relevant today. Evidently, Carnegie was able to write a book that is classic and timeless. The secret would be that it was written by a person who has a deep understanding of human nature. For the author, you have to go the extra mile for other people to feel appreciated and important if needs be. You need not manipulate and exhaust energy out of these people to get what you want really. Instead, you have to tap on their eagerness to do things for you without asking them. As such, How to Win Friends offers deep and practical learning on how to deal with other people without the need for blatant criticism and deliberate resentment. 

Relating with other people is not without difficulties, especially if you do not know how to connect with yourself. How to Win Friends shows the significance of this by illustrating points based on the anecdotes of historical figures and world leaders, and everyday folks. Impliedly, the book tells any reader that if these figures and leaders can, then why can’t you? This reminds me that respect and cooperation should be gained and must not be demanded. There are simple ways that the book teaches you how. For instance, How to Win Friends highlights the need to be an empathic listener and the need to be as humble as you can. As powerful as it seemed to be, the book can make a worthy friend in you that people around would want to keep.

While How to Win Friends was written with a business context, which means that it is purely ‘transactional,’ you cannot deny that it can transform anyone. This is more so for those who are looking for deep relationships with other people. Of course, there will always be people who are impossible to get along with that no matter how much you apply the techniques you have learned from How to Win Friends—you will get zero results. If you are consistent at it, though, they might open up to you and what you can offer to them. After all, everyone has a humane side too.  

Ask and It’s Given is authored by Jerry and Esther Hicks, books writers who want to help people create the life they truly desire. When the authors pertain to ‘desire,’ nonetheless, it refers to the natural positive force within all of us. As such, every individual has their desires though it varies in level and intensity that leads that individual towards frustration and disappointment when not achieved. Indeed, the book’s message is that it would be challenging for any desire to materialize unless the individual will learn to ask and receive whatever a person wants to be, to do, and to have. 

Ask and It’s Given is a compilation of messages that were channeled from Abraham. Expectedly, no new information can be found in the book. Please do not underestimate the book because it contains all the important messages that will inspire its reader. In a very warm, conversational tone, the book speaks of how any individual may attract the life s/he so wanted. The book is very intriguing in such a way that the discussions are in-depth about changing one’s life for the better. The book gave new meaning to what positive thinking is.   

As Ask and It’s Given is channeled, you cannot, and must not, complete the book in one sitting. Instead, please read it in passages, reflecting after reading a passage. Though implicitly, it advises the readers to take some time to meditate and think about their own life’s current status. With a clear mind, you have to work with your emotions and energy towards creating the positivity that seems to lurk deep into your memory. You have to draw ‘supernatural inspiration’ and apply this in your own context. The book contains profound truths that are manifested in desires. Just when you thought that you are done here, you will suddenly feel that there is nothing you cannot do after reading the book.

Equipped with simple and practical exercises, Ask and It’s Given is not your typical how-to book. The truth is there are how-to books that are lip-service. This book is a culmination of all how-to books that focus on life and living positively without meaning to do so. As the book gives highly utilizable exercises, no book is informative and inspiring than Ask and It’s Given. If there is one manifestation book worth buying that is Ask and It’s Given, you will never regret that decision. Ever!

This is a sponsored posta collab with the PUNK RAVE clothing store in the UK. It sells punk, gothic, and Lolita clothes and accessories for men and women. Check their gothic dress collection!

Lolita fashion
a subculture in Japanese street fashion, highly influenced by the Victorian clothing styles, particularly from the Rococo period

Our recent encounter with the Victorian-esque era is Bridgerton—the most-watched original Netflix series. The series is based on ‘ton’ novels written by Julia Quinn. The Regency romance (more about the period below) happened when debutantes are presented to society through a ball.

The series premiered on December 25, 2020, and became an instant hit in 83 countries, including the UK. Yep, reports claim that even the British royals are ‘obsessed’ with Bridgerton.

Who is Daphne Bridgerton?

Daphne Bridgerton comes from an aristocratic family. She is the fourth child and the eldest among four daughters. Daphne also has four brothers.

She is set to marry after being presented and favored by Queen Charlotte—Daphne was dubbed the “diamond of the season.” She accepted suitors until she met Simon Bassett, the Duke of Hastings. Simon also happened to be the best friend of his eldest brother, Anthony.

If there’s one thing that stands out about her character aside from her flawlessness and ever-inquisitive mind, it’s her elaborate style.

Daphne wore empire waist, cap-sleeve, three-quarter length sleeves, embroidered, coat over layer, bodice, white gloves, puffed short sleeves, silhouette, embellished, beaded, rounded square neckline, sheer sleeves, wrist-length gloves, sheer sleeves, and many more throughout the eight-episode first season.

And she has a total of 104 costume changes!

Ellen Mirojnick, the costume designer, made sure that Daphne will stand out.

Georgian, Regency, and Victorian fashion

For accuracy, Bridgerton is a period drama set during the Regency period or from 1811 to 1820. The Regency period is sandwiched between the Georgian and Victorian eras.

People search for Georgian era clothing, Regency dress, or Victorian era clothing to know how women dressed during those periods. Skeptics would say that to claim that Bridgerton dresses are Victorian is inaccurate. But hey, even Mirojnick claimed to put a modern twist on Regency attire.

There’s a hint of truth in there. And so is the claim that the Regency period combines the late Georgian era fashion and the early Victorian era fashion.

Georgian ladies wore stiff corsets with an “eschelle (or échelle) stomacher,” a triangular adornment at the front of the corset, and a gown underneath. A printed neckerchief and rattan or cane petticoat or underskirt completed the look. They also wore knitted stockings and mittens. Women also wore a crown hat as part of a formal dress.

Georgian era dresses are usually made from Welsh wool. White lawn, batiste, and muslin fabrics were also used.

Regency women wore floor-length dresses with a high-waisted bodice, square and low neckline, and small puffed sleeves for the evening gowns. This is called the empire silhouette. White gloves or a hat or bonnet were also worn.

Day gowns, on the other hand, were characterized by a higher neckline and long sleeves. Women also wore chemisette.

chemisette /n/
an undergarment like a camisole worn for filling an open-necked dress or blouse

Regency gowns and dresses typically used lightweight fabric.

Victorian fashion is characterized by corsets, bustles, petticoats, top hats, and bonnets. Victorian gowns have boned bodice, slanted waistlines, and full skirts. The bodice and skirt appear as one piece, but they are actually separated The petticoats are made from muslin fabric because they can support the skirts.

The sleeves are another feature of Victorian gowns and dresses, which were three-quarter length. Bell-shaped ruffles emerged in the latter part of the period.

Victorian goth dress ideas to try

Hands down, the Victorian period dominates when it comes to clothes and styles, more so from the modern women’s perspective. Shall we focus on Victorian fashion but with a twist? Goth, that is.

Just when you thought you’d never hear or read the words ‘Victorian’ and ‘goth,’ came Victorian goth. Yes, it’s a thing! In fact, it’s an alternative subculture. The Victorian Gothic era that happened from 1832 to 1901.

Victorian goth fashion is easy to understand, putting a dark twist on Victorian clothing styles. So there! If you’re feeling Daphne’s vibe but want to make it goth, here are your choices of a dress and accessory.

Gothic sweetheart neck jacquard corset (£80.00)
Gothic women palace floor-length split skirt (£83.00)
Women gothic Lolita long sleeve medium long velvet coat (£99.00)
Victorian stretch dark embossing solid color velvet gothic dress (£115.00)
Victorian gothic off the shoulder long sleeve lace-up dresses (£130.00)
Victorian steampunk long linen lace up corset suspender dress (£136.00)
Gorgeous Victorian royal vintage layered gothic coat with stand collar (£157.00)

And for the accessories…

Complete your Victorian goth look with any of these accessories.

Goth dark night vine gloves neck cover three-piece set (£27.00)
Goth lace sun protection shirt (£33.00)
Victoria ruffle lace decoration collar (£39.00)

Victorian dresses are very elegant and fancy. Unleash the goth goddess in you while channeling Daphne Bridgerton! Or, is it the Queen? Whoever it is, these Victorian dresses are here for the taking.

Grab yours now!

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